Monday, September 24, 2007


In a ridiculous effort to learn how many people actually read my blog, I registered over at Haloscan (Never, Never trust an angel), and I did everything right, and as a result, I lost all the comments I've been cherishing from you people. And in my extended effort to try to regain them, I seem to have completely changed the way my blog looks, and the comments are still gone.

It is now 1:19 in the morning and I took a sleeping pill over an hour ago, so I'm clearly not at my best.

I really hope your comments magically reappear. I miss them...

Okzy, I got the blog looking the way it used to and that's something. But your comments, your comments...What is a blog without comments!

My generation was not brought up to edit Html. We were brought up to listen to rock n roll music and end the war in Vietnam.

You may not believe this but once I dyed my hair blonde and wore false eyelashes. The things I did to get the boys home safely.

I think I'd better go to sleep now, before I get a little too confessional. But let me throw myself on the mercy of my rapidly disdainful readership. I want your comments back. If you know how I can get them, please please let me know.

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