Friday, January 3, 2014

Hail And Farewell

I wrote my first blog entry on June 1, 2007 and began it by announcing that I had no idea what I was doing.

Six and a half years have passed and I still have no idea.

I woke up the other day in a semi-first-thing-in-the-morning-panic and said, I have no idea what's going to happen.

But then I realized what you already know. No one has any idea what's going to happen. Life can't be predicted. At best you have a sense of the rhythm, but even that can be disrupted by snowstorms and asteroids and phone calls.

Fortunately for all humanity, not all disruptions are bad. My life had fallen into its own specific rhythm nine years ago, when I wrote Life As We Knew It. A little less than two years later, there it was.

Not unexpectedly, there were additions.

But then the additions kept on happening.

Naturally, that inspired me to keep writing.

And now, here's what that one book has led to.

Along with the books, I've written this blog. I decided fairly early on that the blog would be about process. While I've always been happy to announce the good things (and there's been a lot of that), I also wrote about the failures and dead ends and general aggravation that's been an integral part of my career.

I've never been big on suffering alone.

But now my process involves retirement. I haven't written a book since completing The Shade Of The Moon a year and a half ago. That's the longest stretch for me since I began Just Morgan, well over 40 years ago. Shade is my 78th book to be published, and there's no round number I'm aiming for. 78 seems like as good a number to stop on as 80 or 90 or 100.

So just as I've retired from writing books, I'm retiring from writing this blog. 726 posts seems like as good a number to stop on as 800 or 900 or 1000.

I don't seem to be missing writing books. I don't know how I'll feel not writing this blog. As long as Blogspot allows me to stay here rent free, the blog itself will linger (and I'll try to remember to put updates over on the right side). Should something truly wonderful happen (which I don't anticipate), I'll post on Twitter that there's a new blog entry.

I've never been big on celebrating alone.

I wish I could explain how much you have meant to me. Over the course of these six and a half years, I've met maybe a dozen of you in person, and each time it's been a thrill for me. I am so grateful to you, those who have left comments, those who have emailed, those who I've never heard from but I sense your presence anyway. You've been a significant part of my life, and I appreciate you more than you can possibly know.

Always have hope.

Never lose faith.

Trust in tomorrow.

Accept the impossible.

And thank you so much.


Marci said...

You labored long and well on this. But you are still stuck with me!

Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

I found your blog after reading your books. I've really enjoyed hearing all your updates. You'll be missed.

Keri said...

We'll miss you! And thanks for all the wonderful books :)

Sarah said...

I will definitely miss seeing you blog but I wish you and Scooter all the best! Thank you for writing. <3

Gia Vogel said...

I'll really miss you and your blog!
Thank you so much for your wunderful books. They belong to the best I've ever read! :)
I wish you all the best and give Scooter a hug from me. He's so cute! ;)

Greetings from Germany! :)

Jen Robinson said...

I'll miss your posts! Wishing you and Scooter all the best in retirement!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Thank you for the books you've written. Thank you for the blog posts and photos of Scooter. Thanks for it all. I'll miss reading your blog, but I'll leave the link on my sidebar so I'll know if you ever come back to post "just one more thing." That way, it feels like you aren't really gone fomr the blogosphere. Have a great retirement. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Nina Ruit said...

We will surely miss you, in books and in the blog. But I know what you mean about retirement. I am hoping to do the same in a few years.

My middle and high school students look at me like I have three heads when I mention that you may not be writing any more books. Leaving something you do so well does not compute for them!

All the best from Midcoast Maine!

Fear Death By Water said...

That'll make your last book all the more bitter sweet. not only the last Moon Book but the last book you'll write.

Enjoy your retirement, and keep us fans posted every now and then about what you're doing. I know it'll be great.

Emily said...

I have truly enjoyed your books and posts. I loved hearing the successes, disappointments, and adventures! Thanks for sharing it all with your fans! I'll miss the updates but wish you well in retirement!

Anonymous said...

Thank you and best wishes.

Ms. Brenda said...

Wishing you a very happy retirement! I read and re-read Just Morgan as a teenager, and was thrilled when Life As You Knew It turned up on school reading lists. Wishing you all the best from one of your many librarian fans.

Barker and Jones Staff said...

We'll miss you, but if anyone's earned it, you have. Enjoy retirement, and let us know if anything important happens.

Robert Craig said...

Thank you so much for the books and the fascinating perspective of your blog. Enjoy your retirement. If you find yourself needing to write, please do. Even if it is only for yourself.

Mr. Cavin said...

Thank you so much for this blog, it's been entertaining from tip to tail and I've really enjoyed interacting with it. I've also enjoyed the books I've been introduced to here. You are a pretty cool earthling, Susan Beth Pfeffer. Have a great retirement!

Crystal M Billings said...

Enjoy retirement. I will miss your blog.

Crystal M Billings said...
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Lauren Armstrong said...

Is there every going to be a 5 book in the moon series? I finished book 4 about an hour ago and went hunting to see any thing about a 5 book and then I found this all I want to know is if there is ever going to be a 5th book becusebi felt like the 4th was unfinished I wanted yo know what was going to happen to Miranda Jon matt and the rest if them now that they don't have their mom to keep fighting and disagreements from happening plus I want to now what this new town is like ! I know hundreds of people have probably made this plea but I just wanted to know how everything goes how does opal end up since she isn't going to be with Jon and how does sarahs dad end up? All these questions are running through my head and I could probably use my imagination to create what happens but its yo:ur characters your "babies" in a sense so its your ideas that interest me the most. I guess I just LOVE your writing so much I don't want to let go but I hope that you do write a 5th book before you say good bye to the Evans because leaving the fans to hope there ok in this new town where there taking a chance at their new lives feels kinda blank sorry if I seem rude I just want to know what happens to the characters to Alex and Miranda's baby to little Gabe to Jon and Sarah to matt and Sly. And how did Matt react to his mothers loss....I know these are questions you probably werebt going to answer but I just wanted to say I hope you write another book to tie up all the loose ends all the questions that can only be answered by you the author. Once again I'm sorry if I sounded rude at all I just LOVE this series its amazing and these charecters have been through so much and I wanted one more book to answer all my questions, thank you for writing these amazing stories that consumed my mind every single minute I read and that kept me up throughout the night saying "just one more chapter then I'll sleep" :) thanks for bring such an amazing author and I hope you do heavily consider writing another book in the moonseries but if you don't that's alright :) and once again I LOVE these book they are amazing!!!! Okay I an going to stop waisting your time I just wanted to let you know that there are still many people who love your books :)

Nora Durbin said...

I've loved reading your blog for years now and it was so great to meet you in person. I totally understand that you need to do what you need to do with the blog and your career. As a librarian, I'll keep on introducing new readers to Miranda and the others. And I'll check back here now and then for a Scooter update. All the best to you!

Linda Jacobs said...

Some books we read and forget; others stay with us forever. That's how your moon books affected me. Every time I go to a grocery store, I think of Crazy Shopping Day! Thank you and enjoy your retirement! :-)

Esther Pfeffer said...

I'll really miss you blog. Perhaps once you settle into your retired ways you'll take up a new activity. You could then reactivate this blog as being about whatever you'll be doing.

Your style of writing is so pleasant that I would gladly read about anything you take up now.

Nikki D said...

My daughter brought home your "Moon Series" and I am really hoping there will be a 5th book...totally addicted and I finished the 4 books in 4 nights. I can't wait to read your other books!!!!

Paige Y. said...


About once a week, I hop over here to see if you've decided to add a comment about how retirement is going. I have missed reading about you and Scooter and hope he's doing well. I know you'll enjoy the ice skating at the Winter Olympics.

Take care,
Paige Y.

binabug said...

I hated some characters. I loved the first book. I got sucked in, wanted/needed to know what happened after I read the last word. Bought book two and realized now I was being introduced to new characters (and found that was ok once I knew that book three brought them together) So now here I am, waiting for my amazon order to arrive for book three, ready to hate/love the characters all over again!!!
I think that if you can write so that we cry, laugh or even hate a character, then you have done a good job!!

Anonymous said...

Please make another book of the "Life as we knew it" series!!! I love when it was being told from Miranda's point of the story. Can we please go back to that??

Amanday M. said...

You can't leave me hanging like this! I'm 12 years old today and I'm writing you a letter in school and it's going to say the exact same thing: WRITE ANOTHER BOOK PLEASE! I'm begging you!

Amanday M. said...

WRITE A FIFTH BOOK FOR THE LIFE AS WE KNEW IT SERIES! I'm writing a letter to you in school and it will say the exact same thing!

Anonymous said...

Just finished the shade of the moon and I died a bit inside. I felt that what has happened to Jon, shouldn't have to happen to anyone. Im sad to know that there won't be a book 5 to the series and it is by far my favorite series I have ever written. I convinced my classmates and 4 of my college professors to read this series and they all fell in love with it. Even if you don't write a finale to the book, it satisfied me. To know that there is always hope as long as you never stop believing. Im so happy that you wrote the survivor series. It gave me the motivation to start reading again and because of you Im writing my own novel! Thank you Susan Beth Pfeffer, you really changed my life for the better.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all your wonderful books~ I'll definitely miss your posts and you and Scooter~

Love from Taiwan,