Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh Happy Day(s)

Life is good. The revisions are completed, my mother's checkbook is up to date, and the apartment is clean.

I like this new video of Scooter. It's clear that while he's interested in himself (and what cat isn't) what he really wants to know is when will This World We Live In come out.

Me too. I do have a publication date for the paperback of the dead and the gone though. Jan. 18, 2010. I found out the way all famous writers find this stuff out, by going to Borders bookstore to see if they had the Adam Lambert Rolling Stone (this was Wednesday, and they didn't, but they did today and I bought two copies without a blush, one for me and one for my friend Pam) and while I was there, I checked to see if they had Life As We Knew It (yes, 2 copies, 5th printing) and d&g (no), so I went on their computer system to look up d&g, and it said I could preorder the paperback with a pub date of Jan. 18, 2010.

I didn't email my publisher about this, since they probably knew, even if they didn't feel the need to tell me, but I did email them when I learned the following from my pal Google: "Life As We Knew It" was chosen as the summer book by every library in the Santa Clara County Library System.

I seem to have been more impressed than my publisher was, since they never responded. The more famous the writer, the less the publisher bothers with them. Or so they tell me.

What I'm not bothering to tell my publisher is that last night, for the first and most likely last time, LAWKI paperback broke 1000 at Amazon. 831, since you asked. I know because I printed it out to cherish forever. LAWKI Kindle is frequently below 1000, so I checked my contract to see what my royalty rate was, and it turns out that when that contract came out, they had no idea what the royalty rate should be.The contract says if it's ever an issue, they'll figure it out. But either the d&g contract or the This World (we still need a nickname, folks) contract says 15% for electronic rights, so go Kindle go.

Sunday will be the 8 week anniversary of Scooter and me finding each other. Except for the regular 5 AM Purr On The Neck sessions, it's been an easy and pleasurable 8 weeks for us both (well, he enjoys Purr On The Neck). I'll be celebrating by leaving Scooter at home to nap the day away, while I'm at BooksNJ2009. It should be a great event, and I hope to see you all there!


Elaine Marie Alphin said...

Such good news about the revisions being complete! (not to mention your mother's checkbook balancing.)

And I must admit I'm one of your LAWKI Kindle sales - it's not enough I had the hardcover on my bookshelf, but I had to have a copy to carry with me wherever I go! And once d&g is available for Kindle I'll have to add it too. : )

Congrats on you and Scooter approaching your 8 week anniversary - and enjoy BooksNJ2009 - I remember Paramus so well from when I used to live in Cornwall on Hudson in NY.

Linda Jacobs said...

Nickname suggestion: a&m or m&a(for Alex and Miranda)?

I know this doesn't reflect the title but when I think of the third book, I think of Alex and Miranda getting together.

jmaster1324 said...

kool cant wait for jan 18

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good Sunday Morning to Elaine Marie Alphin, Linda Jacobs, and JMaster1324-

I'm trying to cram personal and mother and professional obligations all into one action packed Sunday morning. Scooter is definitely going to get the short end of the anniversary today.

I'm thinking about making up a poll for This World We Live In nicknames, so I hope everyone will continue to come up with suggestions. Linda Jacobs, you should have seen some of the ones I came up with combining Miranda and Alex- one was Malox, which won't do at all!

I'd say I can't wait for Jan. 18 also, but who wants to give up summer and fall?

I'm off to buy groceries for a driveby to my mother's, and to have a great time at BooksNJ2009!

Anonymous said...

When I went to my local Borders, I believe I saw "The Dead and The Gone" in paperback. I didn't look hard, so I'll check again.
Scooter's video is cute, kind of like my cat.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Sarah-

I'm pretty sure The Dead And The Gone isn't available in paperback yet. I may complain about publishers, but they're pretty good about getting copies of my books to me (although it did take awhile for the LAWKI audiobook to make its way to me, but that's a whole other story).

Scooter remains very cute, even though every day he gets bigger and bigger. He eats enough for five cats, but so far he's growing faster than he's eating!

Kats said...

I have a UK D&G paperback!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello Kats-

Yes, D&G is available in paperback in the UK.

And a gorgeous paperback it is!

Jessica Claspill said...

Hi Sue,
I suggested the book to the santa Clara Library. I love your books and the librarian i spoke to at the Milpitas Library read your Lawki and Dead and Gone then feel in love. i just can't wait for the new book yeah.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good morning Jessica Claspill-

Thank you for suggesting my book at the Santa Clara library. I am thrilled that they're going to be using it this summer, and now I know who to thank!