Monday, November 9, 2009

The Dead And The Gone Is Now Available (Nearly Almost) On Kindle

Happy Monday Morning!

Out of the many zillions of books that exist out there, The Dead And The Gone is one of a mere over 360,000 books available to be kindleized.

Of course over 360,000 could mean zillions. It could even mean many zillions.

But I don't care. I'm pleased that d&g joined its best buddy, Life As We Knew It, in the ranks of the Kindle elite.

ETA: Okay, I just read the small print and d&g won't be available on Kindle until Jan. 18, the same day as the paperback comes out.

Well, I'm still excited to know that it will be kindleable in the foreseeable future.

ETA(2): For such a little entry, I've edited this thing over 360,000 times. This time is to mention that I added a new gizmo to the right side of the blog (it's down there somewhere). It's a search this blog thingy, which, my guess is, will be of more use to me than anyone else, but what the hey- blogspot offered it and I took them up on the offer.

ETA(3): I've been feeling cranky all day, but I just reserved the room for my mother's 100th birthday party in Sept. 2011. Now I'm in full party planning mode and feeling much jollier!


Anonymous said...

How come you edit a blog entry close to a million times and you only edit your book once or twice?

(By the way, I put my name into your search thingy and it turns out that I am famous too!)


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Glen-

Famous people shouldn't ask other famous people such difficult questions.

It's like asking me if I've stopped beating my kitten!

Esoterica.. said...
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Esoterica.. said...


I read your book " Life as we knew it" and it changed the way I look at things in life..Mom's character inspired me for her patience, hope, determination and love for her children. Miranda developed from a kiddish, irresponsible teenager to a responsible, loving and a caring girl.. and each page in her diary taught me a new lesson for life.. The simplest emotions and the bond between family members and Miranda's perception of each situation and person, made me look at every person and every situation in a different perspective.The way Miranda's character develops by the end of the novel is so original. I must say, I learnt at least one small thing from each character in the book.Even little jhonny had taught me a very important aspect of life.. and I can see the difference in my life...Thank you for this book... :)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good Friday morning Esoterica-

Thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comment.

It always makes me feel so good when I know my books have touched another person.

I truly appreciate your time and effort in letting me know.