Friday, December 4, 2009

Now Comes Naptime

Granted, for Scooter, naptime is pretty much anytime. And I'm not about to take a nap, because I have a library book (The Sisters Who Would Be Queen by Leandra de Lisle) due back on Monday, and I hate having overdue books (Lady Jane Grey is going to get married pretty soon, and not to that nice young King Edward either). So, instead of napping, I'm going to be reading.

But I'm through with business travel (or the road, as I call it). My last appearance was last night. My friend Cynthia accompanied me to Fairleigh Dickinson University, in Teaneck, New Jersey, where I spoke at the Decemberfest meeting of the Knightscapes Literary Magazine. I told them about how I got my first book published, a story I'll tell all of you someday when I have the energy.

In between trips to Teaneck, I've been going to the post office to send off ARCs of This World We Live In to the Bolivian hat selectees. I'm still waiting to get names and addresses from a handful of people, so there'll be another trip there next week (and I'm still begging Harcourt for more copies to send to you).

But basically I'm looking at a stretch of four months with next to no obligations. I'm not working on anything, my mother has no doctor appointments until the end of March, and I don't travel anywhere, for fun or business, until mid April. Starting this weekend, I'll be devoting all my time and energy to football, figure skating, and fandom.

Plus reading and naps. And playing with Scooter. And writing blog entries. And answering emails. And whatever else comes along.

But now it's time to read about the Grey Sisters, Lady Jane and Mary and Katherine, who I keep calling Agnes. I'm so tired, I'm getting the Tudors and the Brontes mixed up!


Elaine Marie Alphin said...

Football, figure skating, fandom, reading, and e-mailing (not to mention blogging) all sound like the perfect way to spend the next four winter months - enjoy!


Linda Jacobs said...
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Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Elaine Marie Alphin-

It does sound like a perfect plan for winter, doesn't it.

Of course, I left out the best part. Playing with Scooter.

It snowed here yesterday, and Scooter wasn't all that interested, but this morning, when he heard people scraping off snow and ice, he ran to the window to see what was going on.

Scooter and I will certainly enjoy his first winter!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hallo Linda Jacobs-

Thank you for your comment, which I loved reading.

I'm going to move it over to the thirdmoonbook blog, and then (sigh) erase it from here.

Don't take it personally. I just want to keep the comments about TW over at its very own blog!

Friendly Neighbourhood Bookseller said...

Hi Susan,

As the daughter of two librarians, I approve of not having overdue library books. Which is odd, really, because as a child I had a terrible habit of just walking out of the library with a book under my arm...

As for no obligations, if you're bored you could come do a tour of Ireland and England! I bet you'd get some enthusiastic kids...

(My word is gradv, which is obviously what you get when you haven't studied...)

Laura Ludwig Hamor said...

Dear Susan,
My writer friend AnneMarie has a teen daughter who is in the hospital and probably won't be home for Christmas. She posted this message on her blog:

I thought I would take this plea right to the source!
All the best,

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Aoife-

Don't tempt with with fantasies of trips to Ireland and England. I had a nightmare last night about getting ready to leave for a five day trip someplace and realizing I hadn't made arrangements with the cat sitter or even told Marci.

Scooter doesn't like it when I leave home (even with a cat sitter or Marci paying calls). I think I'd better stick around and give him my undivided attention for a while!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello Laura Ludwig Hamor-

I just left a comment over at the livejournal place you linked to, telling her to email me via the blog so I'd know where to send the ARC to (good thing I have a couple left).

I would have emailed her directly, but her email address looked a little weird to me, so I wasn't sure it would work.

If you have a way of contacting her directly, please do. The sooner I get an address, the sooner I can mail off the ARC.

Thank you!