Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Not Even Going To Wait For Rosh Hashanah To Make This Resolution

Purely by chance this afternoon, I was googling about and noticed that quite a number of my blog posts have gentle hints of complaining. Well, actually a lot of complaining. Double actually, my guess is my blog posts (and there are many) fall into two categories: Bragging and Complaining.

So I have decided to stop complaining (stop laughing; I can hear you way over here). Okay, maybe not stop altogether, because I happen to think I'm very cute when I whine, but I'm gonna cut down.

For example, I will no longer complain about my German royalty check not coming. Granted, since it came today, it might be hard to find reasons to complain about its not coming, but when has that ever stopped me?   I've never been one to dodge a challenge when a good kvetch was at stake. But not today. Never no more today.

Also, I'm not going to complain about not hearing from my publishing house about The Shade Of The Moon Yet Again. I'm sure they have a very good reason for keeping me from knowing their decision. My guess is my publishing house has moved to Mars and it's a well known fact there's no Wi-Fi on Mars. The odds are they moved to Wi-Fi free Mars to avoid hearing me complain, but who can blame them? Not moi.

I'm not even going to complain that Spell Check refuses to acknowledge Rosh Hashanah, googling, and Wi-Fi  are actual properly spelled words. I find it amusing that one of their alternatives for Hashanah is Hashish. Others might complain about this classic example of blatant anti-semitism, but not the new improved me. I won't even murmur a complaint that one of Spell Check's alternatives for semitism is Smuts. I'm sure Spell Check has its reasons.

As we all know, Google is kind enough to send me links to all kinds of things that mention my name. I don't read the fanfic  (alternative spelling possibility- fungi) although I love the fact that people write it, and I don't usually check out the You Tube book trailers, although I marvel at people's skills in creating them. But I did go to this link and found a 10 minute long LPS version of the beginning of This World We Live In, made by a 14 year old girl. I love it. I have four favorite parts. There's Miranda and Matt hugging, and Matt announcing that he's going to bed with his wife, and a nightmare sequence with Mrs. Nesbitt. And there's this little moment where Mom kind of complains. Not unlike her creator.

Only not anymore. Mom can whine forever on You Tube, but I will never ever complain again.

Until the next time!


Marci said...

It gives a whole new meaning to Smutty Hashish!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hallo Marci-

I hate to think what the old meaning of Smutty Hashish was!

Catalina L. L. said...

I read your blog so I can learn to complain properly. Where should I turn now?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello Catalina L. L.-

There's only so much a person can teach you.

From now on, grasshopper, you must learn to complain on your own!