Friday, February 1, 2013

The Power Of Positive Kvetching

I got an email the other day from my editor with the copy they're going to use on the back of the advance reading copies of The Shade Of The Moon.

It’s been more than two years since Jon Evans and his family left Pennsylvania, hoping to find a safe place to live, yet Jon remains haunted by the deaths of those he loved. His prowess on a soccer field has guaranteed him a home in a well-protected enclave. But Jon is painfully aware that a missed goal, a careless word, even falling in love, can put his life and the lives of his mother, his sister Miranda, and her husband, Alex, in jeopardy. Can Jon risk doing what is right in a world gone so terribly wrong?
Don’t miss the first three books in this riveting series!
[Show small jacket shots of the first three books]
“Absorbing from first page to last.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“You will read it in one sitting, fighting back tears as you bite your nails.”—
“Everything Pfeffer writes about seems wrenchingly plausible.”—Booklist (starred review)
Since this is the copy that I wrote for the book (except for that "riveting" part, which I think is quite dandy), I think it is very fine copy indeed.

I'm also pleased to say I'll be signing some of those ARCs at the International Reading Association's Annual Convention  Sunday April 21, in San Antonio, TX, at the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt booth. I will be on a panel discussion of dystopian lit that day as well.

'll try very hard to be riveting at both!


Susan said...

Are there going to be ARCs available for book bloggers? Please, please, please say YES! I'm already riveted and I've only read the jacket copy :)

Friendly Neighbourhood Bookseller said...

Make sure you bring your protective gear, riveting's very hot. :D

If only I were in Texas...

Anonymous said...

I just finished (like five minuets ago) This World We Live In. I got on the internet to look and see, on the off chance that there would be another book in the series. I'm so excited! I couldn't bear the though of letting these characters go just yet!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You will promise to obtain goodies from one of the real Mexican bakeries, yes? (Not one in the Riverwalk area). W.S.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good evening Susan and Friendly Neighbourhood Bookseller and Anonymous and W.S.-

I have no idea how many ARCs my publisher will be printing or how they'll be distributed. When I hear something, I'll certainly let everyone know. Maybe I'll be able to bring some back from San Antonio (where most likely I won't have time to search out bakeries, le sigh) to distribute here.

I believe, Friendly Neighbourhood Bookseller that there's a good sized ocean between you and Texas, but your advice about protective gear is much appreciated.

As are your kind words, Anonymous, about my characters. I wasn't ready to let them go just yet either!

Beth @ More Than True said...

I am so looking forward to this book! Thanks for keeping us all updated. :)

That conference looks fabulous, by the way.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello and thank you Beth@ More Than True-

It should be an excellent conference, and I'm delighted to be a tiny tiny tiny part of it.

Of course the way I've been eating, I might be a large sized tiny tiny tiny part!

Tori Bachman said...

We're so excited to have you at IRA this year!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thank hyou Tori Bachman. I'm really looking forward to it!