Monday, March 15, 2010

Based On A Black And White Version Of A Very Pink Cover

Google (which loves me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) just sent me a link to something Scholastic Book Fair has put out (and seems eager to have distributed everywhere), a discussion guide to Life As We Knew It, which is one of its Book Fair books.

For those of you familiar with LAWKI, but new to the entire Great Life As We Knew It Cover Saga, here's a link to an explanatory blog entry from quite a while ago. I found it by way of that cute little search the blog feature way down on the right side of the blog. To be honest, I'd forgotten about it, and was reading through the complete list of blog entries, but then I remembered, and typed in Cover Story, and poof, there it was.

Scooter and I are both having lots of trouble adapting to Daylight Savings Time, although he probably would have remembered about that search function faster than I did.

Anyway, I'm always pleased to have more discussion questions and program possibilities for LAWKI or any other of my books. I haven't read this new set all that thoroughly. However I must express my doubts about the students having Y2K memories, since they would have been at best pre-schoolers at the time. Unless these activities are intended for PhD candidates or residents at assisted living complexes.

But I suppose these activity guides exist as starting off points for teachers, and since nothing makes me happier than the thought of LAWKI in school systems (really, now that Shen and Zhao have won the Olympics, nothing does make me happier than the thought of LAWKI in school systems), I'm simply going to rejoice that this Monday morning has begun with a whole new, and I trust highly appealing, reason for that to happen.


Suburbia Public Library said...

I have really enjoyed the Last Survivors series; I own them all in hardback and I was late leaving on a trip because I was more focused on reading the newest book then packing. Keep writing and I look forward to reading more from you!!!

ps-I am also curious about something else. I work in a library and I saw some Little Women spin offs(?) by a Pfeffer; did you write those?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Suburbia Public Library-

Yes, I did write the Portraits Of Little Women books.

They did quite nicely in their day, and I still occasionally get a letter from someone who's read them.

I hope you enjoyed your trip!