Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Couple Of Other Things

We've sold the German audio rights to The Dead And The Gone, which, of course, greatly pleases me. I really need to start learning German.

I've been remiss in not putting this link to an article about Emily Bauer on the blog. Emily, of course, is the actress who did such an amazing job as he voice of Miranda in the Listening Library audiobook versions of Life As We Knew It and This World We Live In. Google was kind enough to let me know about the article, and I'm passing the information along!

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LemurKat said...

I've just finished listening through your oddly addictive "Last Survivors" trilogy and can't help but wonder - why didn't you write the story of Alex and Julie between leaving New York and arriving at Miranda's house? I wish you had taken the opportunity to explore the effects of the destruction on the human race in more detail - and a "road trip across America" plot would have made for a bleak and insightful - and ultimately more effective - look at what you've tried to construct in your story through second-hand re-telling instead of direct involvement. I just found it a little disappointing that you've set up this fascinting premise and chosen to concentrate on someone who barely leaves the house and is rather cut off from the bigger picture. Also, Sil was a fascinating character that I feel needs more exploration. Are you planning more in this series?