Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two Things That Make Me Very Happy

My editor emailed me earlier this week to ask for a new publicity photograph for them to use for Blood Wounds. No, that isn't what makes me happy. If I were thirty years younger and weighed thirty pounds less, it might make me happy, although my recollection is I wasn't all that pleased with how I photographed then either. But I'm willing to go for a new picture, so I emailed Marci to see if she'd be willing to take it. She agreed (because as we all know, Marci is a sweetheart). So today she emailed me to discuss whether Monday would work for me (it will) and in the course of her email, she mentioned that her cat, who had been missing for two months, had returned home.

Marci said given how much weight the cat had lost, she'd probably been to a spa. I should try that spa myself, but I only have until Monday, and I'm not sure I could shed thirty pounds and thirty years in approximately thirty hours.

Speaking of shedding, the other thing that makes me very happy (although probably not quite as happy as the return of the missing cat) is that Barnes & Noble has shed its offer of pretending to let people read my novel About David for free while actually sending them a book about the Constitution of the Great State Of Arkansas. Now, if you go to their ebook page, all you get by me are Life As We Knew It and The Dead And The Gone. It'd be nice if they bothered to put up pictures of the book jackets, but I'll take what I can get in this world, and I got the removal of their mistake.

Now if Marci can just get the magical removal of thirty pounds of wrinkles and body fat, I'll truly be happy indeed!

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