Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh Grump...

I wrote an entire blog entry announcing that my publishing house has finally decided on a name for the fourth moon book previously known as The Shade Of The Moon, and I used  different font sizes and different colors and all kinds of interesting visuals, not to mention a certain amount of sarcastic verbiage and one perfectly fine footnote, only to have the entry mostly vanish, leaving behind only the font sizes and the colors but none of the sarcastic verbiage or the perfectly fine footnote, and the whole thing has put me in an even more grouchy mood than normal, because all those fonts and colors looked pretty dumb without the verbiage, etc. so I deleted the whole thing, and  I still have to tell you what the official title for the fourth moon book is.

So without fonts and colors, here goes:

The Shade Of The Moon

Feel free to supply your own sarcastic verbiage, or even a footnote or two, if you're so inclined!


Anonymous said...

While I never understood what "The Shade of the Moon" had to do with the series anyway, I can empathize with technological problems.

I'm writing a story; trying to write a story, and, without the hum and heft of my old IBM selectric, it's just not the same to write on the computer. It's flat. It's cold. There is no need for jolly bright orange-spooled erasing tape. There is only the sound of my faltering fingers, and the words in my brain.

Given that the words in my brain have 10% to do with the story, this isn't good.

The feel of the paper - gone, as well. But it was that sound - a kind of come-hither sound made by the machine that functioned as a bit of a cheering squad. But the machine is gone forever.

Not grumpy, though. After a hideous night which included news of the death of an acquaintance, this afternoon, I felt absolutely calm - until now. It was wonderful. Delicious even. I am not often able to achieve this state of mind and spirit.

Now, I've further cluttered my thoughts with such things as - what moon shade? Shade, in what sense? Another easy distraction from the flat, whiter-than-white, easily-deleted-errors blankness.

I don't even have a title. W.S.

Tayler Clements said...

I personally love that title. It fits the other ones and it is what I have to think of it as. I can't wait for it to come out! Any ideas??

Mr. Cavin said...

Well I'm happy. I mean, I just want to read the book, so I'd have been happy with whatever. But also I liked this title best out of everything, found it particularly poetic, and voted for it. So I'm glad to see it ended up being the big winner (though I can see why you might need more than one font size to express the time and effort that went into not changing it).

Anonymous said...

I was one of the few who voted for the title in your poll, so I'm a big glad. But not glad enough to not appreciate the irony of the final title selection: just plain SHADE OF THE MOON wasn't good enough for the editor/publisher, they needed the additional THE added to the title. Oh, well. At least that ordeal's over for you.

And it could be worse -- you could be suffering from the Creeping Crud. Like me.

Anonymous Santa Fe

Anonymous said...

That sort of thing has happened to me more than once on various sites. Not fun. At any rate, though, while I'm glad the title I liked won out, I'm mainly glad the book now has a title, so it's resolved and not still one of those stupid things that takes up more headspace than necessary. :) Looking forward to reading it!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good morning to Anonymous W.S. and Tayler Clements and Mr. Cavin and Anonymous Santa Fe and rcarterhall-

I have to admit I miss the sarcastic verbiage that was meant to go along with the announcement.

But thinking about it, what I miss even more is the really sarcastic verbiage I personally deleted as I wrote the entry.

Let's just say I'm not taken by surprise that after all the debate and indecision, the original title was agreed upon.

And let's also say I would have preferred less debate and indecision!

Fear Death By Water said...

I always had faith in you m' good lady. Knew you'd pull it off.

Also since I subscribe to your blog I can see the title of your post and the first few lines but can't read any of the rest.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good morning Fear Death By Water-

I think you should try and figure out a way of reading all of my blog entry.

Sometimes they get good as they go along!