Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Fact That I Got My Hair Cut Is Not Why I'm Writing This Entry

But since I know you're fascinated by the subject, I figured I'd offer a before and after visual.

The before comes from a visit with my worldly and sophisticated friend Renee that I took last week. Our many adventures included a trip to the Washington Nationals ballpark (the Nats beat the Rockies  5-1, and it was a very good game).

Before the game began, and after many trips to many gift shops looking for just the right Teddy Roosevelt doll (which, it turns out, doesn't exist), I found a photograph of one of my father's all time favorite players, Moe Berg. So I posed in front of it.
Today I got my hair cut, and I requested that Cathy, the wonderful woman who has been struggling with my hair lo these many years, take a picture. She took a bunch, and it's a sad commentary on my complete lack of photographicability, that this is the best of them.

My hair looks good though, and I look like my cousin Fran, who I love, so that's all right too.

Okay. Onto the real reason for this entry. It turns out that my publisher, the currently much cherished (because they don't owe me any money) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, is giving away 25 ARCs of The Shade Of The Moon by way of goodreads. I don't know if they have a Bolivian hat to make their selection job any easier, and they are limiting their offer to people in the United States, but it's still your best shot at getting a free ARC, since I don't have a single one to spare. As of the moment, you have 12 days and a number of hours to enter, but 12 days from now you'll only have a number of hours to enter, so you might not want to dawdle to excess.

The day after tomorrow I go to Chicago, where I will dodge thunderstorms and victory parades, and if I can squirrel away any Shade ARCs, I certainly will. But even so, you might do better to try your luck over at goodreads, since my suitcase will be filled with pads and pencils and pens and candy, and 25 ARCs is at least 20 ARCs more than I'll be willing to carry.

I am now going to email my cousin Fran that picture of me so she can see the family resemblance. Pfeffer is definitely a dominant gene!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Got Plenty O' Nuttin Much To Write About

Of course, when did that ever stop me?

Life is peaceful and quiet and surpremely uneventful, which makes for a pleasant enough time, but doesn't give me much blogable material.

You know (well, most of you don't) I have a very good friend who calls me on average once a week, and she always asks me what's new, and 9 times out of 10, I mumble and stumble and change the subject by asking what's new with her. There is always something new with her, and by the time we're through, either we've spoken long enough that we need to get off the phone, or I've remembered something that's new with me. This has been our ritual for decades, so I guess it works, but probably not here.

What I've been doing a lot of lately is reading, which is about as peaceful and quiet and supremely uneventful thing to do as I can imagine. It got to the point where having read 3 library books in 4 days, I decided I was reading too much, so I pulled back by reading Nightmare Alley by William Lindsay Gresham. I own the movie edition, which Scooter was more than willing to rest under
but not at all eager to pose with.
I never would have guessed that the author of Nightmare Alley was in any way connected with C. S. Lewis. Wikipedia is a wondrous thing.

After I read Nightmare Alley (which, for a short book, took a long time to read), I watched the movie. Here are three things that are different between the book and the movie:

The movie has a softer ending (well, that's not a surprise).

In the book, he's guilty of manslaughter. In the movie, it's really just an accident.

In the book, he had a mother and a father and a dog named Gyp. In the movie, he's an orphan and he grew up in an orphanage, but he still had a dog named Gyp. I find that wildly funny.

I'm currently reading Shadow of the Titanic by Andrew Wilson. I never knew that Elinor Glyn had a sister who was a Titanic survivor. I'm about halfway through, so who knows what other things I'll learn by book's end.

So now you know everything that's new with me, and you truly understand why when my friend asks me, I have nothing much to tell her!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Upcoming Schedule At The American Library Association Conference (AKA ALA)

Upcoming is a little premature, since it's not for two weeks and a couple of days, but I figured I'd tell you everything I know now, on the assumption nothing much is going to change in the next two weeks and a couple of days.

So here's my schedule:

Tuesday June 25: Get my hair cut.

Wednesday June 26: Fret about my haircut. Possibly do an emergency shampoo even though I will have just gotten a very professional one the day before. Also debate for an absurdly long time about my choice of shoes. Print the boarding pass. Do some prepacking. Unpack everything because I'll become convinced I forgot something important. Prepack again. Check the 10 day weather forecasts to confirm no blizzards are scheduled (for some reason, there's always a blizzard when I have to flight to or from O'Hare). Discover in lieu of blizzards, massive thunderstorms and tornadoes are anticipated. Shrug philosophically and prepack and unprepack again, this time with umbrellas.

Thursday June 27: Pack frantically. Tell Scooter he won't miss me one little bit. Feel guilty because I'm lying to him. Drive to the airport. Spend many hours in the airport because my flight is delayed, thanks to massive thunderstorms and tornadoes in Nome, Alaska. Maybe a volcano there too; it hardly matters. Search desperately for anyplace that sells ice cream. Go to the ladies room two or three times (depending on volcanic activity), dragging my suitcase with me as I go. Read an entire junky novel while I wait. Eventually get on the airplane and even more eventually, arrive in Chicago. Take a cab to the hotel, where no one is awaiting me. Discover there's nothing on TV that night, but channel flip for a couple of hours anyway.

Friday June 28: Eat a huge room service breakfast, if the hotel still has room service. If it doesn't, feel disappointed that I won't be able to eat a huge room service breakfast. Instead, scurry to wherever I can eat breakfast and do same. Hope my hair looks okay, since there was no time to wash it. Get picked up at 7:30 AM in the hotel lobby (fortunately for me, that'll feel like 8:30 AM). Get escorted to:

Ten Years of YALSA’s Teens’ Top Ten

Friday, June 28, 2013 - 8:30am to 12:00pm
Join YALSA for a half day preconference to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Teens’ Top Ten (TTT)! The Teens' Top Ten is a "teen choice" list, where teens nominate and choose their favorite books of the previous year. Learn about the program from current TTT groups, receive tips on how to run a similar program in your library, and meet authors who have appeared on the Teens’ Top Ten list (Susan Beth Pfeffer*, Cory Doctorow, Sarah Dessen, Marie Lu, and Laurie Halse Anderson).
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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Yankees Won 6-4 Even Though They Didn't Score After The Second Inning

Todd Strasser and I went to our annual New York Yankee game on Wednesday. C.C. Sabathia pitched a complete game for the victory.

C.C. Sabathia warming up before the game

Our seats were close to the right field foul pole. I was very pleased when Ichiro Suzuki was put in right for defensive purposes.
Ichiro is bigger than this in real life
I asked Todd if I could take his picture, and he agreed, but didn't bother getting up.

When he asked to take my picture, I had no choice but to agree. You can't tell, but I'm wearing my Hudson Valley Renegades cap.
One of the best things about going to a baseball game is that, unlike figure skating or tennis, you can talk all the way through the game. We talked about Todd's newest book, Fallout.
I have a rule never to read books written by people I know, but I'm going to break that rule for Fallout, when it comes out on September 10.
Fallout should satisfy my reading needs that day!