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Facts And Information About Susan Beth Pfeffer

Susan Beth Pfeffer
Born: February 1948 in New York City
Raised: Woodmere (Long Island) New York
Currently lives in Town Of Wallkill, New York
Graduated: George W. Hewlett High School 1965
New York University 1969
Parents: Leo Pfeffer and Freda Pfeffer
Leo Pfeffer

Freda Pfeffer

One older brother
One cat

Reasonably complete list of books I've written.

List of awards my books have won:

Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award (Vermont) for Kid Power.
Sequoyah Children's Book Award (Oklahoma) for Kid Power.
South Carolina Young Adult Book Award for About David.
South Carolina Young Adult Book Award for The Year Without Michael.
Nutmeg Book Award (Connecticut) for Life As We Knew It.
Black-Eyed Susan Award (Maryland) for Life As We Knew It.
Truman Readers Award (Missouri) for Life As We Knew It.
Garden State Teen Book Award (New Jersey) for Life As We Knew It.
Volunteer State Book Award (Tennessee) for Life As We Knew It.
Evergreen Young Adult Book Award (Washington State) for Life As We Knew It.
Buxtehude Bulle Award (Buxtehude, Germany) for Life As We Knew It.

How I came to write Life As We Knew It.

A short Wikipedia article about me.

Languages My Books Have Been Translated In:


Interviews I've Given:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan,

I've always prounced you're last name as Pe-Fe-Fer

Anonymous said...

Me too anonomis lol twins!!!! XD hehehehehe but susan ur books are really cool casuse i dont read... at all lol XD hahahahahh wow... kk bye susan!

Shauna said...

this is very nice to read about you, susan. "life as we knew it" is one of my favorite books ever. i was crying and called my mom when i finished it (this is a good sign). if i ever feel down about writing stories, i read it to inspire me and get me a little bit emotional :)

i'm sorry to hear about your mother but it sounds like she lived a very long and full and happy life, and that's all we can ask for, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Many years ago (about 25) I wrote you a letter about "The Year Without Michael." I was heartbroken at the time because I felt the story was never resolved and I wanted a sequel. You replied your editor would not allow one. I have thought about this story many times over the years, and recently found a copy at a used book store. I just read it again, and as a mother of 4, one daughter (19) and three boys (14, 13, and 12') I read it with an entirely new perspective. I am sure I cried those many years ago, but these tears were very different. I pray for those who lose loved ones and never find closure. I learned of that pain because of Jody. She will always be one of my heroines.


Somerset (Parrish) Gallmeyer

Anonymous said...

I love your books! I'm actually doing a school book report on Life As We Knew It, my favorite book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, I am doing a biography about you for English class. Thank you for this site it was very helpful. Take care


d said...

I chose life as we knew it for a book project at school. I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your books

Unknown said...

Im doing a report right now on life as we knew it and it truly is a masterpiece.

Unknown said...

XD XD XD omg i love your book XD aha lololololol XD i love you susan XD XD XD XD hahaa pls notice me i love your book sorry for the long comment XD