Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Fabulous Garden State Teen Book Award (Fiction Grades 6-8)

wasn't back from the framer's in time for the awards luncheon yesterday.

Very shrewdly, a box of chocolates was presented to me instead.

It was great to see John Green again (he was the luncheon speaker) and to meet fellow winners Ann Bausum and Bruce Degen. Ann's award was at the framer's also, but Bruce's was there for me to see and envy.

He, in turn, envied Ann's and my boxes of chocolate.

Do you know, I have no idea if it should be framer's or framers. I suppose if it's multiple owners of the framing store, it should be framers'.

Either way, I should get the award in a couple of weeks, and then (and only then) will I be able to finish the wall of ego. So my friends Joyce and Lew won't be able to see the new award when they visit this weekend, but they'll eat the chocolate, and that will probably make them every bit as happy.

What makes me happy is that I've been informed of yet another nomination for Life As We Knew It. It's up for the Maud Hart Lovelace Award, a young readers award in Minnesota. I keep the list of states over at thirdmoonbook, so the other night I counted, and throwing in a few nominations that aren't on the list, LAWKI has been nominated for over three dozen awards. I think that's astonishing. I currently have a winning percentage of .05, but if it goes down, it'll only be because LAWKI's been nominated for even more.

No one can take my Garden State Teen Book Award (Fiction Grades 6-8) or my Truman Readers Award away from me, even if I don't exactly have them to take!


Linda Jacobs said...

The librarian at my school informed me that you will be speaking at a luncheon next Thursday in No. Conway, NH. she knows I teach your novels and am a big fan so she invited me to go as her guest. I put in for a workshop day and was approved so I'll be there in the audience!

Congrats on your awards! You certainly do deserve them!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Linda Jacobs-

I'm so pleased to hear you're going to be there.

Don't be shy! I'd love to say hi in person (although I may not recognize you, based on the picture that accompanies your comments!).

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you!!!! I'm happy for you, but none of the nomanations & awards are a supprise. You have written one of the best books I've ever read( second only to the Percy Jackson & the Olympions seiries)!


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thank you Jill.

There are a lot of wonderful books out there that don't get noticed (I know, because I've written a lot of them myself!). All the good things that have happened with LAWKI and d&g are an absolute marvel as far as I'm concerned.

Meanwhile, my friends Joyce and Lew couldn't make it up here this weekend, so the chocolate remains uneaten. They've rescheduled for two weeks from now, so maybe by then the NJ award will have arrived, and we can enjoy that and the chocolate (and the kitten, who I promised Joyce will still be cute).