Sunday, June 17, 2007

Clement Snares A Low Line Drive Off The Bat Of Andre Norton

Those of you who love the smell of schadenfruede in the morning have noticed that the list of awards Life As We Knew It is nominated for has shrunk by one. It didn't win the Hal Clement Award. It already didn't win the Andre Norton Award (yes, there are many many awards it didn't win, but at least it was nominated for the Clement and the Norton).

It's quite possible LAWKI will be a bridesmaid of a book, occasionally nominated but never winning. But as a wise man would have said if he'd thought of it, better to be a bridesmaid than to be Stella Dallas.

And simply by having my book nominated for the Clement and the Norton awards, I was able to discern that Hal Clement and Andre Norton both sound like baseball players.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to report that LAWKI now has 30 reviews on its Amazon page, while War And Peace remains stuck at 276. Leo Tolstoy (sounds like a chess player) must be calling all his friends and relations, begging them to post ("You don't have to read it, just give it five stars and call it a masterpiece").

Not that I'm speaking from personal experience, mind you.

In other good news, I'm getting e-mails over at, which makes me very happy.I love the comments posted here on my blog (thank you, all who have written) and I love reading about LAWKI on other people's blogs (thank you, all who have written), and I love getting mail from people who like my books (thank you, all who have written). I never knew writing a book could be so much fun.

Finally, The Dead And The Gone is now officially the dead & the gone. The title, no capitals and & included, has passed muster with the muster passers over at Harcourt. I'm very pleased about this, since I can't imagine thinking of the book any other way. I realized with a start that the dead & the gone has only existed for seven or so months. It's hard for me to remember a time without it.

Of course once I get the copy edited version, I'll rue the day that meteor ever met the moon. But until then, life as I know it is just fine.

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