Monday, August 6, 2007

This Really Isn't A Blog Entry Either

The August VOYA has a column devoted to audio books and it reviews Life As We Knew It. Here's what it has to say about Emily Bauer:

Narrator Bauer does a commendable job showing Miranda's growth from a rather whiny girl who complains about the spare diet that she must endure to a more mature young woman who knows what she must do to help her family survive. This transition is easy to spot while reading the text. It takes an accomplished reader to do the same in her vocal portrayal of Miranda.

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Marci said...

I had to Google VOYA to see what it was. I was most interested to note that the reviewer commented that her teens spent a recent long trip listening to an audio book rather than watching a DVD and that audio books apparently bridge the age gap better than the print version. The teens loved LAWKI and the last installment of The Traveling Pants as well as The Book Thief in audio form. I don't think parents and educators are doing enough to promote audio books for teens. They should make IPod versions.