Monday, September 24, 2007


I still haven't figured out how to get all your wonderful comments back, but I located the missing e-mails. And there were several. A lot of you nice people wanted to sell me Viagra, and a few promised me a longer penis, and at least one of you wanted me to know I'd won a giant lottery.

I am very grateful.

But in admidst these junk e-mails were actual ones sent by actual people. I will read them at length tomorrow when I'm not sleepwalking. And maybe by then someone will have let me know how to return the comments to their rightful entries, and all will be right with the world, except for the part George Bush runs.

It's 1:51 in the morning. I really think I should go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

It has been done! And here is the nice long comment that had been posted by Mr. Calvin that he was sad about disappearing.


Well, I see that your comments are now going into a little pane operated by Haloscan instead of Blogger, and that can't be good. Not only will the new site be harvesting your contributor's email addresses and other information (maybe not for evil, either--I'd hate to indicate that without any research), but they are also hosting your new comment view, meaning that Google's Blogger is not. Your original, now seemingly lost, comments are still being hosted over at Google (with no ads, I might mention), and are probably safe. Only they are invisible as long as Google's commenting function is being circumvented by the third party comment service.

If you can, ditch this new thing, and re-instate the original Google comments. Of course, then you will lose this wonderful comment, but oh well. How do you do this? I don't know without access to your template HTML (and the fourteen hours it would take me to retro rough out the problem). I suggest chatting with Google's help. Look up "deleting Haloscan" or something like that. You'll see a link to Google Help in your dashboard (to the right, scroll a little). If all else fails, dig up your comments RSS feed and save all the old comments by cut and paste. You won't have to dig far, that URL is here:


Although it seems as if the comment RSS default feed dumps the author and date information, which is irritating. So this recourse is a last resort.

Good luck. Chocolate.
Mr. Cavin | 09.24.07 - 4:55 am