Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Sincerest Apologies To The Fourteen Who Had Already Voted

I've been editing the possible third book and I found a phrase at the very end of the manuscript that was kind of like a couple of the suggestions that two of the Anonymouses suggested in their comments to the most recent blog entry.

Blogger wouldn't let me edit the poll because people had already voted, so I chucked it, kept the original four suggestions and threw another one on.

For those who are interested, the votes had been 5 for Clouded, 5 for Passing, 2 for Fool and 2 for Illusion.

Please feel free to vote again, if you already have. And if you're too annoyed to vote again, having your vote thrown away so presumptuously, then please accept my apologies. When you destroy an entire planet (and such a nice one too), power can really go to your head.


Anonymous said...

Uh, no offense, but could I get a sixth choice?


Anonymous said...

Hey! Where is everyone?


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm watching the World Championship Pairs Freeskate on Turkish TV (while listening to the British commentary).

The internet is a wondrous invention.

Anonymous said...

The Passing of Clouds and Other Aftermoon Illusions Since the End of the Time Before

Yup. Since the End of the Time Before seems a fine title.