Monday, September 29, 2008

Coherence Is Overrated (Or So I Hope)

I seem to have redecorated the blog. I thought it would be nice to have my Best Seller Cap on permanent display over to the right, and the pink of the cap didn't really go with the green and the gold. So I changed colors. Would that all life were that easy.

I had a long, good talk with my editor about the soon to be upcoming third book. I have tons of thinking to do about it, but figuring stuff out is my favorite part of the process.

I can tell you this much (ooh, that's three paragraphs starting with I). Book Three will be a sequel to Life As We Knew It. It will start very shortly after LAWKI ends (maybe a day or two later, maybe a month or two later). It will start at the LAWKI house. One character from the core family of the dead and the gone will be in the story (we're leaning towards Julie but that's in flux). And we're comfortable with my developing the plotline of some combination of Dad, Lisa and the baby showing up at the LAWKI house, with a d&g character in tow.

You now know pretty much what I know. I still need to consider the contract offer, but that will wait until after Rosh ha-Shanah. In the meantime, I'll blow my nose, admire my bruises, and work on a plot.

Let's hope your life is more interesting!


Anonymous said...

I think previous site colors were absolutely perfect, and that cap and cap color and prior blog colors were tres ultra chic.

Linda Jacobs said...

Well, I like the new colors better! They are just softer and less masculine.

Hope you feel better!

Happy New Year!

Stephanie said...

Ooh, sounds interesting! I can't wait to hear more about it! :)

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news! I cannot wait for the sequel to Life As We Knew It! I was just thinking the other night, 'if only she could make a sequel...' and it is actually happening! Yay!

Well done on the New York Best Sellers list. You are doing so well!!

I love the cap too! ^_^

Mrs. Corbett said...

I am with Caroline on the sequel! These characters were so real it's really hard to let them go!
AND, since the same goes with the characters from d&g, I'm so glad to see at least one of them brought in. (love Julie, but Alex is still my favorite--complex)

I was searching on the bestseller list a few days ago because I wanted to prove somehow that I'm not the only one who's gone nuts over LAWKI and d&g. Thanks for the heads up!

Dawn said...

I am very excited that a deal is so close to being made. I have no doubt that you will make the third installment absolutely fantastic!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi to Anonymous and Linda Jacobs and Texas Pixie and Caroline and Mrs. Corbett and Dawn-

It's a pleasure to hear from all of you.

I've been playing with ideas for the third book and when I have a chance I'll blog about it. I'm more and more comfortable with the idea of a reasonably traditional sequel, and I have to admit, I'm enjoying hearing Miranda's voice in my mind again.

My cold is much better and I think I'm pretty much recovered from my fall (although the bruises may well last longer than the blog's current color scheme!).

Anonymous said...

Could you possibly finish that sequel AND have it published before January so that my semester reading class can read it? :)

We loved LAWKI and D & G. Can't wait for the sequel.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Second Anonymous To Comment On This Entry Unless You Are The First Anonymous Commenting Twice, Which You Would Be More Than Welcome To Do But Either Way Hi-

Wait a moment until I catch my breath.

Okay. I don't think you should count on Book Three being written and published by January, although I am starting to think the first draft might be finished by January.

Publication, alas, takes longer. When I first seriously discussed Book Three with my editor, she said the earliest possible pub date would be Spring 2010 (the Fall '09 list was already full).

Your reading class is just going to have to read something else this winter (alas).

Brandi said...

You have just made my day, Susan!!!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Brandi and thank you for the kind words!