Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Its Unofficial State Song Is "I'm From New Jersey"

I've been intending for the past week to write a blog entry on school and library program ideas for Life As We Knew It and the dead & the gone, but things keep happening.

Today's interruption comes from the Garden State. I am thrilled to announce that Life As We Knew It is the teen winner of 2009 One Book New Jersey.


I know I voted for it once, and so did my brother and sister-in-law and my agent (they all live in New Jersey), and I do believe some of you voted as well (I seem to recall a reference to a former boyfriend from Hackensack, or was it Paramus), but I choose to believe some actual teenagers from New Jersey voted for it as well.

It is a New York Times best seller, you know. Somebody must like it.

If you follow the link sufficiently, you'll discover a variety of One Book New Jersey shirts available for purchase. With winter coming, I'm favoring the hoodie myself. And the teddy bear. And the refrigerator magnet.

Life as I know it has lots of happy new shopping posibilities. Thank you New Jersey!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous Santa Fe

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Sydney, you can call me Syd. I go to school at Pierce City and I am in the 7th grade. I have read your book Life As We Knew It, and look forward to getting to read the second book, The Dead and the Gone. Right now we are haveing a "Lfe as We Knew It Lunch." {We bring food from the story to eat and talk about events in the story.} I look forward to meeting you. :)

*Syd* and *Kenc* and *Caylee* and *Lydia* and *Baylee* at PC.

Mrs. Corbett said...



Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello and thank you Anonymous Santa Fe and Mrs. Corbett-

I am so pleased LAWKI finally won something. I've thought of it for a while as a bridesmaid book, but now I can call it a winner.

Which I will all the time!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi to Syd, Kenc, Caylee, Lydia, and Baylee-

Thank you for your comment. I'm really looking forward to my visit to Pierce City.

I attended a book club discussion of LAWKI once, and there was a grab bag. I ended up with the lime Jello (which I keep on display on my kitchen counter). I hope your lunch had other foods to enjoy!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi any and all skating fans who happen to be reading these comments-

Stephane Lambiel announced today that he's retiring from competitive skating.

Lambiel and Jeffrey Buttle, who announced his retirement last month, are my two favorites. While they are very different skaters, they both have great style and an extraordinary ability to express the music they're skating to. It's no wonder they're both world champions and Olympic medalists.

I'm trying to give you all a break from my blogging, but I wanted to acknowledge Lambiel's retirement. He's a terrific skater who has brought a great deal to the sport.

Linda Jacobs said...

I convinced our department head to order a set of LAWKI and one of d&g so we can have the girls read the female character and the boys read the male one. It should make for some interesting dialogue!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Linda Jacobs-

Thank you. Please let me know how the books go with your students. And if they have any questions, I hope they'll e-mail me. Sometimes, I even know the answers!

Mrs. Corbett said...

We were going to use your Grab Bad idea at our high school Book Club meeting today, but then decided to do it in White Elephant style.

The kids have filled my office with canned goods, donuts, oatmeal cookies, chocolates, and yes, lime jello, in preparation for the event.
The only food I've seen so far that I do NOT want to get stuck with is the very large can of Popeye Spinach.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Mrs. Corbett-

Donuts! Chocolate! Oatmeal cookies!

I'm on my way.

Glen said...

Pip pip!

Baylee said...

Congrats on LAWKI I can not wait until you come. I bought for you to sign. I have read two of your books ( LAWKI and Dear Dad Love Laurie) and I have reserved The Dead and the Gone in the Library at school.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Glen, who has officially shed his Anonymous status, and Baylee, and thank you for your comments-

I love Dear Dead, Love Laurie. It's one of my favorites, partly because it was so much fun to write and partly because I get to display my fabulous artistic talent in it. I got to draw a bear for it, using one of my cats as the model. I remember being quite uncertain that cats really resembled bears, and calling my friend Janet (to whom d&g is dedicated) to confirm that they had the same shape ears. According to Janet, they didn't, so I had to make the appropriate changes.

It's good to have friends!

Bubbles said...

I loved the book too. Have you thought of turning LAWKI into a movie? I think you should.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Bubbles-

I'd love a movie version of Life As We Knew It, but there's been no real interest on the part of any moviemakers, so I guess it's not going to happen.

Enough wonderful things have happened though that I can't claim to be heartbroken!

Baylee said...

AWWW Man ya' mean no movie that's too bad but I understand