Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Insomnia Has Its Purposes

In lieu of falling asleep last night, I created a possible new character for This World We Live In. I've just written up my thoughts on the character as a second blog entry over at thirdmoonbook. So if you're interested, use the link on the right to find out what cost me over two hours sleep. Scroll to the bottom of the post where it says Newer Post and press that magic button.

I apologize for continuing to sound heartless and insensitive, but remember, no comments about the work in progress there, here, or in emails to me. Please.

I don't see why I can't be equally creative at 2 in the afternoon, but I had noticed I wasn't thinking about the third book nearly as much as I would have thought I'd be at this point. Instead, when I vacuumed yesterday, I pondered the reconstruction of the Republican Party, a fascinating topic, but not one that will leave me prepared to start writing Dec. 1.

While I'm chatting away, let me announce that I got an official congratulatory email from the OneBookNewJersey people, saying that Life As We Knew It won as the teenage selection in a landslide. I emailed back to confess that I'd voted once myself, even though I live in New York, so if the landslide consisted of one vote, they might want a recount.

Also my brother called to say people at his law office found the New York Times review of the dead and the gone all by themselves. Clearly a high class law firm.

I need to do a little more tidying over at the right side of the blog (the poll results are now gone, but I would like to put in something about LAWKI's landslide victory), but most of today will be devoted to preparing for my trip to Missouri tomorrow. I still don't know what I'm going to wear on Friday when I make my school visit. I'll be rereading LAWKI on the flight, taking care to hold it upright so everyone at Newark Airport can be tempted by its cover to run out and buy a copy. I learned that trick from all other New York Times best selling authors, except maybe a few who were dead. The dead ones had other tricks to teach me.

ETA: It turns out I like the thirdmoonbook blog as a way of writing down thoughts as quickly as I can, so the second entry now had an additional bunch of stuff added to it.


Anonymous said...

Just an idea to help those of us who don't want to be spoilerized: Could you write "spoiler alert" on those posts that talk about it?

-Anonymous Martian

Mrs. Corbett said...

As far as the Missouri trip, Susan Beth Pfeffer looked great, but Missouri, as usual, doesn't look so great in November.
No matter, it was a sparkling day with her here.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Anonymous Martian-

I'm trying to teach myself how to use spoiler tags, which will allow all who are interested to read and allow those who are not to avoid.

I make no guarantees. My first attempt failed, and I need some quiet time and a lot of self-assurance to try again. But I promise I will make an effort to master the art of spoiler tag to please you and any earthlings who would prefer me to do so.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Mrs. Corbett-

I had such a wonderful time in Pierce City. The students there, middle school and high school, were wonderful- intelligent, attentive, and great fun to talk with.

I can't imagine how much work you put into making the day so successful, but I hope you take real pride in your accomplishment.