Friday, December 5, 2008

Yes I know I Should Be Working

But I'm recovering from the Great Charlotte The Kitten Crisis of last night.

I ran out of double A batteries for the digital camera.

It could be argued I've overcompensated since returning home from the supermarket with a packet of 16.

But great cinema is just that. So here is Charlotte The Kitten keeping me from working, and Charlotte The Kitten watching Charlotte The Kitten.


Alice said...


(Word verification: issessie)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Alice-

Your style is a lot like Charlotte's. You're both clearly great writers!

Becky said...

Are we going to get a video of Charlotte watching herself watch herself? :)

She is SO adorable. I just love her!

Linda Jacobs said...

You know, I'm not a cat person but after watching Charlotte, I definitely could become one! She's a keeper!

RIMH said...

That kitten is too cute. My cats watch TV occasionally and freak out in front of mirrors.

Anonymous Person said...

Dear Ms.Pfeffer,
You have a nice kitten.
I found this website while researching the author of a book(Life as We Knew It) I read. =o)
LAWKI is a powerful book and its format made me feel as part of the story. I love the suspense! =o)
Anonymous Person

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good evening to Becky, Linda Jacobs, RIMH, and Anonymous Person-

Charlotte and I thank you for your comments.

At Becky's suggestion, and with Charlotte's cooperation, I have just added a video of Charlotte looking at Charlotte looking at Charlotte to this post.

My characters should only be so cooperative!

Anonymous said...

Adorable. As for your battery problems, consider investing in rechargables and a recharger. I do that for my digital camera.

I reread LAWKI, and I came across something that -- and I know you don't want to hear these words -- gave me an idea for part of the B3 synopsis, which I will e-mail you privately.

Anonymous Santa Fe

Anonymous said...

::collapses dead of cute overdose::

Oh, MY - I had forgotten how great young kittens can be. She is beyond words...

Kylen (who also wants to know what you think the chances are that Belbin and Agosto win this weekend)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Anonymous Kylen-

Charlotte is adorable, and much photographed. I've noticed that many of my friends are inviting themselves over to have a chance to meet her.

I don't think Belbin and Agosto stand a chance of winning this weekend. I'll be pleased if they medal, which, with Virtue and Moir out, maybe they will.