Friday, February 6, 2009

Maybe By Then I'll Feel Like Working

I remain intrigued by how hard it is to get to work every day. I actually am enjoying writing This World We Live In, both the thinking about it part (which I'm doing hot and heavy these days, seriously considering and reconsidering endings), and the writing itself. But you'd never know it, if you witnessed how I drag my feet (or more accurately my fingers) before beginning each day's work.

And yet, and yet, I must be doing some writing, because I'm on page 231, and can actually envision finishing the book by my birthday, Feb. 17. I try very hard not to work on my birthday, but if I'm almost at the very end by then, I can't imagine taking the day off and finishing on Feb. 18 instead. So the better approach is to finish by Feb. 16 and really have reason to celebrate.

Speaking of dates, I'm going to the World Figure Skating Championships in Los Angeles the week of March 22, and as it happens, I have nothing scheduled for Monday, March 23. I'll be staying somewhere near the Staples Center, and the current plan is to not rent a car, but if there are any public or school librarians or bookstore people who are interested in hooking up with me and can provide transportation, please email me and let me know.

As I've no doubt mentioned a few dozen times, Life As We Knew It is the One Book New Jersey 2009 Young Adult Selection. I now have the refrigerator magnet to prove it. That, the book bag, and the attractively framed certificate arrived in my mail yesterday, and this morning, rather than working, I took many photographs.

I had never realized before, but New Jersey bears a strong resemblance to Thomas Edison in profile. Coincidence? I think not (well, actually, I think yes, but it's a lot more dramatic the other way).

Okay. The great thing about Blogspot is whenever I post photographs it totally screws up the paragraphing, so as soon as I post this entry, I'll have to spend a minimum of twenty minutes trying to make it look intelligible.

That's twenty more minutes before I have to get to work. Thank you Blogspot and thank you New Jersey!


Wendy said...

I'm trying to write a dissertation that I am enjoying, but every time I have a day to work, I spend time checking websites, reading blogs, making facebook posts, commenting on blogs, fixing cups of tea, and so on. I don't really understand because I really feel good when I put in some work on it. I really admire the work you are getting done. I don't know how anyone works from home or makes their own deadlines.

Word verification: exlvs--is this something to think about as Valentine's day approaches?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Wendy-

We should both feel very proud of ourselves for getting anything done. There are so many temptations out there!

Exlvs seems kind of worrysome to me, but my word verificationi s "trisbe" which I think it adorable.

Anonymous said...

YOUR birthday! Believe it or not, the 17th is MY birthday! Wierd, huh?

Anonymous Santa Fe

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Happy Upcoming Birthday Anonymous Santa Fe-

I like having a mid-Feb. birthday. I'd probably like Feb. anyway, it's such a runt of a month, but having a birthday in it does give me a reason to anticipate and enjoy it, nasty weather and all.

March, on the other hand, is my least favorite month. Why can't it be spring already?

My guess is I'll be working on my birthday. I have to go back and rewrite what I wrote at the end of last week (keeping the best parts, of course), and that, plus various other obligations, will set me back a day. Then on Wednesday I'm taking my mother clothes shopping for the first time this century, so that's a day I'm unlikely to get any work done.

It could be I'll celebrate my birthday and the completion of B3 simultaneously. What an excellent excuse for cake!