Monday, December 21, 2009

Because Nothing Says Christmas Like The Dead And The Gone

I'm happy to report that Amazon has the paperback of the dead and the gone available for purchase and shippping.

I assume if it does, other places do too.

Scooter will be very excited!


Crystal M Billings said...
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Crystal M Billings said...

I had to redo my comment had something and I just realized it.
I love the picture of Scooter with the computer. Scooters pictures are sooooooooooo cute. His picture brightens by day.

Wendy said...

That second picture is so very Meta.
Yay! I just ordered my copy. I probably shouldn't admit it since you've broken down royalties for us, but I'm a paperback buyer. Both my pocketbook and my shelf space demand it. I've also realized I kind of enjoy the delayed gratification of waiting for the paperback. (Not that I would turn down an ARC if it came my way.)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Crystal and Wendy-

I like paperback buyers. I like any buyers (especially in this world of illegal downloads).

It's possible though that I'm more excited about the paperback of d&g than Scooter is. I don't think he's made the correlation between book royalties and the purchasing of Friskies Turkey and Liver cat food (I bought him two cans today).

Note to self: humanize said...

It's not the first time I come here, tough this is the first time I leave a comment (I think....).

The first time I came here was to read about your post on profits you get from your writing.

Since then I have returned because it's cosy here. Simple things, like a cat looking at a book, matter to you.

I find surprising and inspiring, that after you've published so many books and won so many awards, your blog doesn't try to be lecturing, but rather honest and straight forward about the simple things that inspire your daily life.

Thanks for sharing Susan.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi and thank you Note oo self:humanize (aka Vanessa)-

You're right- this is a cozy little blog, with lots and lots of pictures of a cat. It helps that Scooter is so photogenic (something that cannot, alas, be said of me).

I used to lecture people all the time, and hand out solicited and unsolicited advice, but I made a resolution to stop doing that, and while it hasn't been 100% successful, I have cut down enormously on my lecturing.

Good thing too, since it gives me more time to take pictures of Scooter!

Nora said...

Scooter looks so nice sitting next to his own picture!


Fear Death By Water said...

34% buy the item featured on this page:
This World We Live In

wow! 34% buy the book ... good for you! Wondering if you know how many presales there are. I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT!


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Happy Christmas Eve to Nora and Fear Death by Water (aka Tim) and anyone else who strolls by here today-

Scooter does look good sitting by his picture, but he has no interest in his appearance whatsoever. I carry him over to mirrors and he never checks his makeup or combs his hair!

I hadn't really been checking the what percentage purchases, but now I have a whole new thing to obsess over. The d&g paperback has a 70% rate, which means, I suppose, that most people haven't discovered it's out in paperback yet, so it's mostly being looked at by people who are going there for the specific purpose of buying a copy.

I don't have any idea of how many copies of TW have been preordered, or even what its first print run is. Maybe after New Year's, I'll ask about the first printing.

Meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful holiday.