Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End Of The World (Disc Two Part Two)

So I follow Mr. Cavin's excellent advice and put Disc Two into my computer and watch gleefully as the bridge keeps collapsing along with relationships. All children are saved, as is the cop with the bullet wound and the wannabe nun (who turned out to be Eve Plumb).

Desi Arnez Jr. caused all kinds of additional problems, and most likely died (they didn't actually show that) and bad things happened to one of the embezzlers (did I mention there were embezzlers- for a bridge with very few people, there were a lot of criminals).

The bridge kept on collapsing bit by bit, so James McArthur was leading the remaining few down the side of the bridge, with Barbara Rush behaving exactly as I would (No! No! I can't do it!), and the bridge started to shake again (never a good sign with this bridge) and we saw the captain of the rescue boat looking quite concerned and then...

The disc froze! Right on a closeup of the concerned rescue boat captain.

When I tried to get things going again, the disc went back to the beginning.

I will never ever know who lives and who dies (which might be all for the best). And to add to the irony of all this, the email of complaint I sent to WBShop day before yesterday came back today undelivered.

I am now going to ponder all great works of drama to see what they'd be like if their action cut off ten minutes before ending (Nora doesn't slam the door; Macbeth is king of Scotland; King Kong and Fay Wray are getting acquainted; Barbara Rush is still screaming her silly little head off for all eternity).

Le triple sigh with whipped cream and cherry!


Luke said...

Today in writing class we had to write an end of the year paper about who who would qualify to be a motivational speaker. I chose you! Yup, you where my first choice on who could give an amazing speech at my school! I proceeded to write the rough draft, and I think it turned out wonderfully! You are my hero!


Mr. Cavin said...

Oops. I guess that disc really was broken. Oh well.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thank you Katherine for a lovely compliment.

And thank you Mr. Cavin for making it possible for me to see almost all of Disc 2!

man with desire said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, at least you got to watch a good amount of it. Bad disc. That's cruel. It stopped during a moment of suspense?! That's awful! It's like the disc is mocking you. It's like you have to work to watch parts of the movie. I hope you get to watch the rest. It would be a shame if you can't! Ugggh! The world is so unfair to such great authors!!!

-Sunshine :-)