Thursday, December 9, 2010

Someday I'll Be Sure To Return The Favor

My brain is currently like a kitten chasing its tail, burning off a great deal of energy while accomplishing very little.

So instead of sharing the Santa Claus movie dream I had last night or pondering the effect cellphones have had on hit and run accidents, I'll let the New York Times write this blog entry for me. At least, I'll link to two very different very interesting articles.

The first is about a new website for young writers. If you are a young writer, or know someone who is, you might find this place worth exploring.

The second article is about the effect ebooks are having on romance novels. The ebook phenomenon is of fascination to me. I don't own any kind of ebook reader, since I'm still working my way through the books I already own (I'm finally reading that biography of Henri IV that's been sitting on my shelves for a few decades), but I do understand they're going to change publishing in ways none of us can envision, so I was quite intrigued by this article.

All right. I'm off to do my recycling and have lunch with my mother. Maybe by the time I get home, chasing my tail won't be quite so enticing!


LuMa said...

Hey Susan!
Thanks for sharing the article on the new website for young writers. I'm already thinking on making an account, it's really going to help us! ^ ^
Btw, hope you feel better soon, try to rest a bit, don't stress out too much ^ ^

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Bonjour Lupe (I thought I'd go high class this morning)-

I did rest for a while yesterday afternoon, but I'm not sure how rested I feel now. And I just got a phone call saying they're going to turn the water off in my building for a couple of hours.

I guess it's live like LAWKI here for the morning!

Linda Jacobs said...

Interesting article about the romance ebooks. I'm not a romance fan but I do love my Kindle for the same reason; I can read whatever I want and no one knows what it is! I've even downloaded a couple word games and can sit in front of my classes during silent reading playing them and the students are none the wiser.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Tsk tsk Linda Jacobs!

I'll have to visit your class someday and let them in on your deep dark secret.

Make sure none of them read my blog, or else they'll find out directly from you!