Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Good Review For The Shade Of The Moon

It comes from Booklist Online (well, technically, it comes from my editor who took it from Booklist Online).

Booklist Online requires membership before you can read their reviews, so I won't put the entire review up here, just the nice complimentary part*:

  Shade of the Moon.
  Pfeffer, Susan Beth (author).

  Aug. 2013. 304p. Harcourt, hardcover,      $17.99 (9780547813370). Grades 7-10.
REVIEW. First published July 3, 2013 (Booklist Online)

The pampered and weak Jon is not a particularly likable character, but in some ways that intensifies the story, as the moral choices he makes become successively more complicated. Pfeffer’s well-written take on what life might be as it returns to “normal” is sometimes brutal and always depressingly real. — Ilene Cooper
Of course, I don't think of Jon as weak or even all that pampered, and I like him, but then again, he wouldn't exist without me and if I don't like him, who will (don't answer that).
Anyway, I'm pleased the book is "well-written," and since "brutal" and "depressingly real" are terms no one who knows me ever associates me with ("cuddly" and "absurdly optimistic" are more often bandied about), I am very pleased with this review, and hope is the second of many such.
*The rest of the review is pretty much plot synopsis. I didn't leave out a single negative word.



Rebecca Gomez said...

Fabulous! Can't wait to read it. I love the moon books!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thanks, Rebecca!

Nora Durbin said...

Having just finished the book this past week, I totally agree with that review!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello Nora Durbin and thank you!

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading, The shade of the moon. I really enjoyed the book and hope that there will be a fifth book. I really loved reading about Alex and Miranda in the first three books. And I hope to read more about them in the fifth book (if you decide to make one). There would be night where I couldn't sleep just thinking about what was going to happen next, so there I go reading another chapter. I even went to work late from lack of sleep (lol). I would like to give you thanks for the wonderful (moon) books you have written.