Friday, November 2, 2007

There's More To Life (As We Knew It) Than Bolivian Hats

The Second Annual The Dead And The Gone Marion Lloyd Books Bound Proof Bolivian Hat Giveaway (which is more like the Second Weekly, but Annual is much more impressive) is still ongoing and will last through the weekend regardless of when the ARCs arrive. So if any of you are weekend blogreading warriors, you'll have until Sunday night to send an e-mail to the hat.

Meanwhile because I share everything with you, here are links to two different blogs that discuss Life As We Knew It. There are tricks to make the links all cute and short, but I haven't figured them out yet. So here, the way that was good enough for Grandma, are the links:


The Harcourt Spring-Summer 2008 catalog came in the mail today. There's a two page spread for the dead & the gone and the paperback of Life As We Knew It. The website of this very blog is listed. Since the cover letter said they print 19,000 copies of the catalog, and I only got one, I can assume I now have 18,999 new blog readers. Hi to all of you! Make yourselves to home.

I'm sure the rest of my slowly gained readership would like to see what the two catalog pages look like. I hope you don't mind that you can't read the text. I scanned it that way so there'd still be some mystery left in our relationship:

On the left side of the dead & the gone page, Harcourt says, in bold purple letters: Double newsletter co-op. Naturally I am very excited about this, particularly since I have no idea what it means. Google was no help to me, so until I hear otherwise I'm going to assume Double newsletter co-op is twice as good as Single newsletter co-op, not that I know what that means either (or if it even exists).

At the bottom of the Life As We Knew It page it says: Includes a teaser to the companion novel, the dead & the gone. I must admit, I'm mostly quoting that for the cheap thrill of boldfacing and italicizing all in one sentence.

Oh dear. I can hear some of my 18,999 newly gained readers silently stealing away. Bye bye!Write if you get work!

I'm off to multiply $6.95 (the list price of the paperback LAWKI) by 6% (my royalty rate). There's nothing that makes a writer happier than an imaginary royalty check (except maybe a Double newsletter co-op, whatever that may be).


Marci said...

What is seriously cool is that when you go to Google and type in Double Newsletter Co-op to try to find out what it means, the first, the very FIRST entry is your blog!!! with the words Double Newsletter Co-op in bold!

One must assume that this is one of those incredible trade jargon things that any big box bookseller (or small box bookseller) would know, but we the reader and writer has absolutely no clue.

But your blog is the latest to showcase this term and therefore gets top billing at Google.

Anonymous said...

But now that we've heard this term, I'm sure it will turn up everyplace we look.

6% of $6.95? Who knew you had it so good?


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Not me.

I was told the paperback would retail for $5.95!

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Miranda(no joke) and I hope that you got my email to put my name in the hat.


My name is Miranda Modys and my email is

Thank you very much,
just in case you didn't get the email. I don't trust mine sometimes, so I hope this helps. I am a new and really big fan of LAWKI and I hope to get a chance to read TDATG.

Thanks so much.

Your fan,

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Welcome,Miranda,to the blog.

So far eight additional people have asked to have their e-mails put in the Bolivian hat. A few are people I've already had the pleasure of hearing from before, and others are new. Miranda and one other person had just finished reading LAWKI the day before.

The hat will stay open for business until tomorrow morning. The ARCs have arrived. They're sitting on my kitchen counter, and I'm being very careful not to spill anything on them.

I only wish I'd been that careful with the one copy I kept for myself. Oh well. A sticky cover only adds to its sentimental value.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, this is so exciting! I hope I win this time! X_X Haha, if I win I'm totally going to take a picture of it and post it on this blog for you to see!