Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Bolivian Hat Is Back In Business

I just got an e-mail from the generous folk at Marion Lloyd Books saying they've sent me four more ARCs of The Dead And The Gone. As it happens, I was in a foul mood until I read that, and now I'm all jolly and lovable, so I'm doubly appreciative.

So here's the deal. My mother, Freda Pfeffer (hey, she gets excited when she googles herself) insists that one of the four copies go to the first person who had e-mailed a request last time, so that one is now officially reserved.

But the other three are going to give the Bolivian hat another workout. I kept all the handwritten e-mail address slips (minus the three that I pulled out last week) in a just in case plastic sandwich bag, so back into the hat they can go. I know there was at least one person who regretted not having e-mailed, so if she, or anyone else who missed out on the last drawing, wants to e-mail me, their address slips will go into the hat as well.

I'll do the drawing whenever the "books" arrive, and mail them out as soon as I have the selectees' actual mailing addresses. Since I don't know when the ARCs were sent or how long it'll take for them to get here, I can't give an official deadline. But I will inform all of you as soon as I've drawn the names out.

Anyway, I am just delighted that more of you will be getting U.K. bound proofs. Be prepared to translate things into American though. I was skimming through my copy the other day and found that a building was being kept at 13 degrees. That seemed awfully cold to me until I remembered that their 13 is a lot warmer than ours!


Unknown said...

That's terrific news! So that means you've got my entry still in the hat?

Anonymous said...

OMG! This day keeps on getting better & better! =D hopefully I can get a copy this time!


PS: who was the first person who emailed you who got one? Lol. Lucky person!

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed this time... I think I may even borrow some of the kids finger- crossing tactics. ;^)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Everyone who previously entered is in the plastic sandwich bag holding station en route to the Bolivian hat.

That's everyone in a figurative sense, since I trust you're all leading perfectly normal happy lives and not encased in plastic.

The first person who e-mailed me last time is a librarian in Texas. I e-mailed her last night to let her know, so unless you're a librarian from Texas who got an e-mail from me last night, you weren't the first person to e-mail me last time. In which case figuratively speaking, you're encased in plastic en route to the Bolivian hat.

And I remain very grateful that Marion Lloyd Books is sending four more ARCS just for my blog readers. It's an extremely nice thing for them to do.

Miriam said...


(I forget just where I read that and how it was meant, but please take it for the squeal of joy it is meant to be. I get a second chance!)

Anonymous said...

I kind of think I would do much better in a derby, but I too am happy for the second chance.