Thursday, June 3, 2010

щастлив May Be Bulgarian For Happy

Of course it may not be, since I don't know any Bulgarian to be sure.

But Bulgarian is now on my list of languages to master, since we sold the Bulgarian and Macedonian Language Rights for Life As We Knew It, The Dead And The Gone, and This World We Live In to IBIS Publishers. Which makes me very whatever that word is up there (Blogspot has gotten extremely cranky about letting me cut and paste, which would make me extremely cranky, except since it hosts me for free, it would be ill mannered of me to be cranky, at least in public).

Blogspot, however, is still very happy to let me link things, so here's a link to YouTube. I'm not absolutely sure why the YouTube link is titled This World We Live In, when it's not for This World We Live In, except it's rapidly becoming one of those days.

Cranky comes easy to me.

Regardless of what the youtube link is called, what it links to is one of the things that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has promised for the lovely month of June, and I am very very excited about it, and other things that I'll be telling you about soon (ideally when I'm less cranky).

I got 36 requests for the Listening Libraray audiobooks, and since I had 36 audiobooks looking for a good home, I decided to stop the offer right there. So everyone who has emailed me by June 3 12:00 PM Eastern Time will get one, but that's it. I even edited the offer out of my last blog entry to fool people. Many thanks to the 36 of you who wrote to ask for one. Give me a few days, and I'll start mailing them out.

All right. I'm now going to eat lunch and at least start thinking about dusting and vacuuming.

Guess which one of those activities will make me feel less cranky!


Glen said...

Even though I am not one of the lucky three dozen, I just want to say that you are indeed a very generous person.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Generous and cranky. Although less cranky now that I've had lunch!

Anonymous said...

You are so generous to be giving out the free audiobooks! I never got to email you, but whoever did must be so happy! And I'm glad you're less cranky ;) I don't want to see you in a really cranky mood!


P.S. I love the video! It's a nice cliffhanger for anybody who hasn't read the books.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Jade-

I am terrifying when I'm in a really cranky mood. Whole villages run away and hide at the sight of me!

I did my dusting and vacuuming and cleaned away my crankiness. Also Marci dropped by and cheered me up.

I love the LAWKI video. It's so exciting for me to see it.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I sure am glad I placed my request in on June 1st. It will be a very great graduation surprise!! That just made my entire year! I have to check Youtube for the video. Good for you! Your renown is spreading through out the world!!! Sue Pfeffer conquoring one country at a time.
-Sunshine :-)

Anonymous said...

It's Sunshine :-) once again. I just watched the video and I was like, "OMG this is soooo goood". I read the entire series in a matter of days. One week total. That includes school, getting the books, homework, and that kind of stuff. Oh and quick question about your fantabulous give-away. Are yo sending them out today, tomorrow, or next week?

-Sunshine :-)

Kathryn said...

I sent my email yesterday... and Im seriously hoping you got it... Thank you so much eitherway.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Sunshine and Kathryn-

Yes, Kathryn, I did get your email. Actually, it turns out I got 39 requests, so it's a good thing I have 39 spare audiobooks (and, I hope, 39 mailing envelopes).

Sunshine, except for pulling audiobooks and books out of my storage closet, I've done nothing about getting things ready to send off. And there's a lot to do, signing things and wrapping things and addressing envelopes (and emailing people who didn't include their addresses).

I'm not going to get any of that done this weekend, so I'll start concentrating on it Monday and should begin mailing things off early next week.

I love my word verification. It's ingle. I feeling all ingly right now, so it's just perfect!

Anonymous said...

Ok kay! That sounds very very good. I positively cannot wait until mine comes. Thank you so much! :-)
-Sunshine :-)

Anonymous said...

I sent you a request for the audiobook. Now I wonder whether you are waiting for me to send you my address or if somehow I didn't make it into the 39. Will you be asking those of us who didn't sent you our addresses, or should we just presume and send it to you?

Friendly Neighbourhood Bookseller said...

It might not be for LAWKI, but it's pretty damn beautiful. Of course I had to watch it with no sound, as I'm in work...but I'm confident the sound will live up to the pictures!