Sunday, June 20, 2010

Should I Do Rewrites? Or Should I Look At Pretty Flowers?

Rewrites can wait.

I went yesterday to the St. James Church Goshen Garden tour with my friend Pam, and we had a wonderful time. There were many beautiful private gardens to explore, and a fabulous lunch to devour.

I didn't take any pictures of the lunch, but that was because I was way too hungry to admire it visually (although it was a very pretty buffet with an exceptionally pretty buffet dessert table).

I love flowers and I want to take good pictures of them. It took me a long time to realize that if I take pictures of short flowers, I end up showing more dirt than flower. So I now limit myself to big tall flowers, beautiful landscape. and the occasional chair.

This picture of red flowers and white fence is my brand new screen saver, and it's a very summery way for my computer to say hello to me.

And look. Scooter loves flowers too, just as long as they're upholstered!


Anonymous said...

LOL! I love the ones of Scooter (who wouldn't)and the big pink flower. All in all the pictures are very pretty. You know how much of a fan I am, so I'm going to say this [or write it. I'm not going into technicalities (I think that's how you spell it, if not, I tried)]. I was at Wal-Mart and I was in the book aisle and I saw the LAWKI series. I looked over them rather carefully and I noticed something was out of place. I looked at the titles and noticed that they had them in the wrong order. Twilight was right next to it and it was in order, so I removed all the LAWKI books and put them into order (LAWKI, D&G, TWWLI).

~~Sunshine :-)

Anonymous said...

Scooter is so cute! And the flowers are beautiful.
A coinicental moment, and I swear I'm not making this up, it's so weird. Before I left for vacation, I was out biking while my mom worked, and all of a sudden it got really cloudy. Soon after that I was looking around and suddenly I tripped and fell in a pothole. My hands and knees got all scraped up. I remembered Miranda. Very coincidental. :)


P.s. LOL Sunshine! :D

Anonymous said...


LOL! U know about what happened when I was in the food department at Wal-Mart right? It's in the post called Catch Up, and you obviously read this entry. LOL! It seems like we keep having the LAWKI and/or Miranda moments. And shall I write (I got into technicalities there) they are rather fun!

~~Sunshine :-)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Sunshine and Courtney-

I've gone to the local Wal-Mart a couple of times to check on my books, and at least once, I did some major tidying. I doubt the store minded.

And I'm always happy to be associated with potholes!

Anonymous said...

OMG, it would be so cool to see you at Wal-Mart next to your books!! Seriously, it would make my day. It would be like meeting a celebrity (well, you are a celebrity in my book). I would HAVE to take pictures on my phone. Immagine what Wal-Mart must feel having the actual author of a book they carry, tidy up her books. That would be super cool!

~~Sunshine :-)

Glen said...

You should go to the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, if you haven't already been there.

Anonymous said...

From your blog absence the last two days, I hope this means you're doing your rewrites now that you've had your flower fun. :) I hope so.

Now I need to get someone to crack the whip on me. I have a murder mystery languishing from lack of rewrites and a dystopian novel that needs to be finished. And a historical fiction novel that needs tweaking, too. But the weeds in my flower garden are calling to me...


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi to Glen and WandaV-

I don't remember ever going to the Biltmore Estate, so my guess is I haven't. Thank you for the suggestion, Glen.

If I had to choose between weeding and rewrites...well, I'll get back to you on that, WandaV!