Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Handful Of Updates

I got an e-mail from a school librarian yesterday (or maybe it was the day before; I don't seem to have control over time these days) asking if I do school visits. She mentioned that neither Random House nor Scholastic provided this information. Since I'm not exactly the biggest fish in either the Random House or Scholastic Oceans, I'm not surprised, but the librarian also pointed out I didn't mention it on my blog.

I am definitely the biggest fish in the ocean, so I have now slipped a tiny little thing on the ever more crowded right side of the blog.

See how open to constructive criticism I am!

Meanwhile, over on the right side of the blog, there's been another state added to the list of young reader award nominations. Yes, you're right, it's Tennessee. I'm pretty sure Life As We Knew It is nominated there; at least that was what Google hinted.

June 10 was the official publication date of the audio book of the dead and the gone. I haven't gotten my copies yet, but rumor has it they do exist. I'm told they won't be sold retail, but schools and librarians can buy them, and I would assume they're available for downloads somewhere or another. I actually Yahooed my way into a library that had a sample, and got to hear the first page or so. Alex and Greg Dunlap of Apt. 12B were discussing where Alex wanted to go to college when the sound drifted off.

I've been trying for the past three days to get the time and energy to start writing the beginning of The World We Live In, to show Harcourt. I've worked out the plot problems I had in the outline (not that I've done the rewriting of the outline, but at least I know how I intend to rewrite it), and I know pretty much how the first couple of chapters should go, but time and I have not been bosom buddies lately.

On a far jollier note, this is DeepDiscount's semi-annual 20% off on their dvds sale time (until June 22), and whenever I have a chance, I go over there and try to figure out just how many dvds I can buy and stay on some kind of budget. I love Deep Discount, which used to be Deep Discount DVD but changed its name simply because it sells things besides dvds. To me, it'll always be Deep Discount DVD, which I find more euphonious. Here's the link if you're interested:

To get the discount, you type in Supersale when it asks for the special promo word.

I'm still eating nothing but bagels. My friend Christy called this afternoon and apologized for making me buy so many. I've been clipping many wholesome and nutritious recipes from newspapers and magazines, but I have to finish the bagels to have room enough in my freezer for all that wholesome and nutritious food that I intend to prepare while I'm waiting for Harcourt to tell me if they're accepting my book which I have yet to write a page of, so I still have time to eat nothing but bagels.

I bought some cream cheese today to further the process.

Okay. I'm off to look some more at the under ten dollar category at Deep Discount. Then I'll have a bagel for supper, and just maybe start writing my book.


Mrs. Corbett said...

Congrats on Tennessee!
Doesn't this put LAWKI on over half the country's lists? Awesome!

I used to work at a local pizza & deli cafe near our town's major college (when I was young, cute, and could bring good tips)where bagels were part of the fare. We employees used to make pizza bagels for ourselves. Just some sauce, cheese, and pizza toppings on a bagel put in a hot oven.

Wasn't on the menu, and it was before "Bagel Bites" Awesome stuff--not Bagel Bites, but homemade--if you're on a bagel kick.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Mrs. Corbett-

LAWKI is now officially on more than half the states, because one of the awards covers three or four states in one. It really is astonishing.

I bought a roasted chicken and salad makings today, and will be eating that for lunch for the next few days, thus limiting my bagel consumption to breakfast and occasionally supper. I love pizza bagels, but mostly I have cinnamon raisin bagels left, and they don't work well with tomato sauce.

Meanwhile, I've begun writing The World We Live In (sample). I've done the first two short sections- Luke at ten and Eden at nine. In a minute or two, I'll go back to work, and see what they're like at sixteen and fifteen.

Let's hope Harcourt likes it as much as I like pizza bagels!

Anonymous said...

Cinnamon Raison is so good with cream cheese.


Caroline said...

Wow. I just noticed that Life As We Knew It has its own wikipedia page! =O

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Glen. Hi Caroline-

I agree with you, Glen, on the cream cheese and cinnamon bagel combo. I confirmed it by having one for breakfast.

The last I checked on the Wikipedia entry for LAWKI, it said LAWKI didn't deserve a page and was clearly there as shameless promotion for the book. I admit I did a little bit of editing on the page a while ago, but I wasn't the person who wrote the original entry (I don't know who did, or who else did the editing).

I felt guilty anyway, and I haven't gone back to look at it since.

But it is pleasant to think someone cared enough about LAWKI to write the original shameless article.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

PS (to anyone who is interested)-

I've been plowing my way through The World We Live In. Each day I resist starting to work, but once I begin, I have too much fun to stop.

I've written the first three chapters (plus the introductory mini-chapters and the long plot outline), and will write the fourth and last sample chapter tomorrow. It's been Luke, Eden, Luke and tomorrow it'll be Eden.

I've been polishing as I've been going along, but no doubt it could use some more, and I still have to change the ending in the outline (the same things happen, but the motivations have gotten stronger). So I plan to work all day tomorrow, once I overcome my reistance.

My guess is I'll zip it over to my poor unsuspecting editor on Monday. I have no idea when I'll hear back from Harcourt, but I doubt it'll be in June. So even if Harcourt offers a contract, I'll be on vacation until ALA, last weekend in June, and then for as long as it takes for Harcourt to make up its mind.

If Harcourt turns it down, it'll just be a much longer vacation!