Monday, July 14, 2008

I Get Quoted In Newsweek!

"You have an obligation when you're writing for a younger audience not to demolish all hope," says Pfeffer. "You have to leave some sense that life will get better."

I would shout the news from the rafters except I have laryngitis. So I'll provide the link instead:

It's the July 21 issue. Barack Obama is on the cover, talking about his Christian faith.

Ah, the irony!


Janni said...

Nice article--thanks for the link! (And congrats on the mention, too!)

Dawn said...

You are a rock star!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

I am a rock star. A short, dumpy, old rock star, just the same as Mick Jagger, except for the short and dumpy part!

Jen Robinson said...

Thanks for the link, Sue! I enjoyed the article, and it was great to see you quoted there. I think that you're a rock star, too.

Linda Jacobs said...

Very cool! It must be so exciting!

Anonymous said...

I hope to be a short, dumpy old rock star myself one day. At the moment, I've got three out of four covered.

Personally, I think you should have been on the cover; it would have sold much more copies.

Congratulations, by the way.

I think you should make a graphic novel out of the first two books.


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Jen Robinson and Linda Jacobs and Anonymous Glen-

I went to my local Borders Bookstore today and bought two copies of the Newsweek issue (one for me and one for my mother), and I have to admit it was pretty exciting seeing my name in print on slick paper.

My quote takes up a fair amount of space in the print version. I'm particularly impressed with my use of the word "demolish." It's two syllables longer than most of the words I know!

And Glen, I agree with you. I can picture both LAWKI and d&g as graphic novels.