Monday, July 28, 2008

That's 4:30 AM Pacific Coast Time

I e-mailed my editor this morning some ideas that I have about What Was/What Is, and in a rare fit of maturity (the likes of which we'll never see again), I've decided not to discuss those ideas until I hear back from her.

For those of you (i.e. all humanity) who don't check out the list of dates I'm looking forward to, there's a new one on top. I'm going to be on the radio Friday morning at 7:30 (if I'm not bumped by some interesting current event). Here's the e-mail invitation I received:

I'm a producer for a new public radio show called The Takeaway, hosted by John Hockenberry and Adaora Udoji. It's a live talk show distributed by Public Radio International. We're partners with the NYT, BBC and WGBH radio/tv in Boston.

Next week we want to talk about the trend in apocalyptic children's books. Would you be interested in discussing this new generation of books, your included, and those apcocalyptic books of the past? Why is this a common theme and one that kids seem to connect with?

The interview will be posted on their website for anyone who wants to listen but not at 7:30 AM. I'll provide a link when I have one.

Speaking of links, here's one to my new favorite Yahoo Question:

I'll let you know what my editor says when I know what my editor says (and not a moment before).


Becky said...

Dear Susan,
I am such a big fan of "Life as we Knew it." I'll be at the West Hartford Public Library on August 4th and I'm so excited about that! I can't wait to meet you!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Becky-

I'm really looking forward to my visit to West Hartford Public Library. August 4 seemed so far away, and now it's less than a week.

See you there!

Miriam said...

I'll be there too! And it's likely that a couple of my coworkers will be there too. If I'd gotten a poster from Ann Marie in time, I think a few of my teens would be crossing the river to see you too. LAWKI has suddenly (and finally!) gotten extremely popular at my library, and I haven't seen the d and the g since I put it out on the new shelf. Unfortunately, I asked her a bit too late. But I'll be reporting back to anyone who will listen! :D

(I probably won't be wearing the Reddi Whip, so you may not recognize me! ;) )

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Reading Fool-

I am so pleased I'm going to have a chance to meet you, with or without the Reddi Whip.

I'll be seeing you and Becky and whoever else shows up Monday evening!

Miriam said...

errr...make that the dead & the gone! Gotta keep that &!