Sunday, January 25, 2009

Look Who Isn't Getting Any Writing Done

Me. Me. Moi. Me.

I always knew that one year of high school French would come in handy.

I have the best excuse ever for not writing B3 today. They're predicting snow for Wednesday. I'd explain why that means no writing on Sunday, but it would take way too long. Trust is an important thing, so just trust me. Wednesday snow=no writing on Sunday.

It would be inaccurate to say I haven't gotten any work done, since I have been thinking a lot about B3 and making changes and adjustments to its plot (for details, follow this link to the thirdmoonbook blog).

To prove to you that I have been thinking (trust only goes so far), I took a picture of my high class computer cabinet (the cabinet; the computer is just middle class) door. Note all the different color post-its. It's like an archeological dig, each color representing a different era of thought. The yellow ones are the most recent.

See the postcard? She's the oldest thing on the door, and dates back to last spring (I think). I no longer remember which version of the third book she was an inspiration for, but I still love looking at her, so she's stayed up there.

Meanwhile, One Book New Jersey has updated its website and its wonderful selection of products that have Life As We Knew It on them. I cleverly took a photograph of the interior of my high class computer cabinet, so you could see the big pile of white sheets that represent 138 pages of B3, but also so you could see on my moniter the refrigerator magnets and notecards One Book New Jersey is selling.

Because they're predicting snow on Wednesday, tomorrow morning I'll do my shopping. Then I'll get back to writing B3.

I will. I will. Trust me. I will!


Anonymous Person said...

Dear Ms. Pfeffer,
My book report on LAWKI was successful and now another one is assigned. I am doing it on the d&g. This time I actually bought it because the library request wasn't fulfilled in time but I am happy to own a book by you! =o)

I haven't checked your blog in a while, I have been busy but I will try and check it more often.

I am wondering if you have anymore of those nameplates left? =o)

Anonymous Person

Anonymous Person said...

Dear Ms. Pffefer,

Oops, my mistake, they are called book plates and I just read on the column on the side of the blog to you email you as you have plenty left. =o)

Anonymous Person

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Anonymous Person-

Heh. If you send me an email, you won't be an Anonymous Person anymore (at least not to me).

Anyway, if you get the email to me before tomorrow morning, off the bookplates will go. I have others to send as well.

But if you wait, well there is that snowstorm predicted for Wednesday.

While I'm on the subject of the bookplates, yes I do still have them. I've given out over 500 of the Never Lose Faith ones and over 1000 of the Always Have Hope ones.

No Button Gwinnett I!

Non-Anonymous Person said...

Hello again! Just want to say I just sent that email sorry for it being late, I am busy but I didn't send my contact info yet, just wanted to hear a reply and make sure I sent it to the right email.

Non-anonymous Person

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi now Non-Anonymous Person-

I did get and reply to your email, but I haven't heard back from you.

Don't worry- you will get your bookplates, but it may take a few days more before I pass a mailbox again.

For anyone else who's concerned, the only person who sees emails sent to is me.

My word verification du jour is meati (don't tell my vegetarian friends!).

Anonymous said...

I don't have any comments right now, but I just wanted to write something as my word verification is 'wholub' and that's cool to type.


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Glen-

Wholub is pretty cool.

Thank you for providing me with an excuse to postpone getting to work for at least another ten seconds!

100% Pure said...

Heyuh...speakin' of snow storms, seems there's a birthday comin' up soon?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello and welcome 100% Pure-

I do have a birthday slowly inching its way towards me.

I just looked. It falls on a Tuesday. Which, I guess, means it's 3 weeks away (today being Tuesday).

I have no plans for it, so it'll be sunny and 60 degrees. If I were going to have a party, there'd be a blizzard.

So I guess it's a public service that I have nothing planned!