Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pink Thing Says Hello

I love Pink Thing but it's not easy to write on.

I just wanted to say hi (and hi in particular to people who've left comments), and post a few pictures so you can see I'm actually at a skating event.

The one good closeup picture of a pairs team (James and Bonheur, I think), I didn't take. My friend Renee did because I was too shy to ask them to pose.

I also took a bunch of videos but I can't figure out how to load them. I am definitely not the queen of 21st century technology.

There's a place at the Staples Center that makes great soup.

Today I'm going to watch 4 hours of identical paso dobles, then opening ceremonies, then pairs short programs.

My body hates being on west coast time, but I'm certainly enjoying myself!


Texas Pixie said...

*sigh* I'm a tad jealous. I LOVE figure skating!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Texas Pixie-

I'm having a wonderful time but decided to take a quick break between men's short program and pairs freeskate.

Caroline Zhang sat behind us for part of last night's pairs short program and today Kurt Browning walked up our aisle, signing autographs and posing for tons of pictures and then late during men's short program, Dorothy Hamill sat in the row behind us.

Worlds is so much fun!

Texas Pixie said...

Wow! Kurt Browning? Dorothy Hamill? Now I'm super jealous!!!!

Reading Fool said...

I've been staying up late (which isn't nearly as hard for me as it is for you) to watch the skating, and I keep thinking about you being there watching it live. Lucky you! I am very happy with the way the men's championships went. And I'm delighted that we get to send three men to the Olympics next year. What's been your highlight so far?

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Reading Fool-

This is a real uick comment because Janet is waiting for me and I haven't c alled my mother yet, but the men's event was so exciting and heartwarming. there were 5 standing ovations starting with Denis Ten, and then after Evan won we practically gave up any thought of sitting down again!

Anonymous said...

I wish i could've seen that compatition!!!!!!!!!!