Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summertime And The Living Is Easier

Somewhere in the vast publishing industry that is known as The Vast Publishing Industry, some work must be getting done.

But if it is, nobody is telling me about it. Not that I'm asking.

My mother, brother and I met with the staff at the health care center, and we all agree that my mother's place is back in her apartment. The staff wants her to stay at the health care center another week or two, to make sure she's 100% strong and stable when she returns. Or it could be they want her to stay a bit longer because she's so nice. Either way, she'll be going home soon, maybe in time for her 98th birthday on Sept. 5, or maybe a day or two later.

I'll be celebrating her birthday with a trip to New Paltz Crafts Fair, even though I have no room for anything new in my apartment. Somehow that never stops me.

Scooter is pushing into 6 months old, and as you can see from the new picture on the right side of the blog, he's been doing a lot of growing. He's at the rip everything into shreds stage, which I hope he'll grow out of sooner rather than later. For some reason, toilet paper is of no interest to him (toilets certainly are; fresh flushed is his beverage of choice), but everything else is fair game. This morning, for reasons I hope I'll never understand, he ripped and ate the shower curtain.

Five years ago, when I sold the big big house that was far too big for me or my money, I went through every book I owned (which was quite a lot) and sold or gave away the vast majority of them. Then when I moved to the apartment, I unpacked all the books I'd kept and shelved them. Sometime during the past five years, I've dusted every book. When I downsized the den last spring, I went through all the books again and gave away a whole bunch more. Then I reorganized and reshelved all the books. And, of course, I've been known to look at the books I own, maybe even take one off the shelves if the mood strikes.

So how is it I didn't realize until this morning that I owned two copies of The Twilight Zone Companion? Both second editions too.

Oh well. I'll give one away (don't tell Scooter), and then I'll have more room for whatever I buy at the Crafts Fair!


Marci said...

That is a very good photo of Scooter. And I just recycled a beat up copy of the TZ companion at the store today. So a nice one donated by you might possibly sell!

Buy something fun at the craft fair! I have never gone, but I keep threatening to do so.

We'll celebrate Freda's birthday in some appropriate manner that is more Freda centered. 98 is impressive!

jmaster1324 said...

YAY MOMMA PFEFFER IS BACK. cant wait for spring.
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