Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anyone Want A Bookplate (Or 3)?

The bookplates have arrived.

You may notice I went with a slightly different approach this time. The designs are identical (all waxing moons), but I chose different colors for each one. Always Have Hope kind of matches the cover for Life As We Knew It and Never Lose Faith kind of matches the cover for the dead and the gone, and Trust In Tomorrow has nothing to do with the cover of This World We Live In (I didn't like the idea of a grey bookplate and the yellows were too garish).

You may also notice that I experimented with different color inks for signing each one, since red wasn't going to work with the Trust plate, and red and green seemed too Christmasy for my tastes.

Having experimented (the things I do for you people), I decided to stick with black for all of them. I own lots and lots of black pens.

I also own lots and lots of stamps, since I bought many sheets just in case. While I was buying stamps, I bought the kinds that can be used to mail things to different countries. So if you don't live (I typed that as like, rather than live, a leftover from the Bush days I suppose) in the US, don't be shy about asking for the bookplates. Except for envelopes, which I keep forgetting to buy, I am prepared.

So here's all you need to do. Email me at the beloved address and tell me what you want. You can say you want one or more of the Always Have Hope plates, or the LAWKI plates or the blue plates (and you can do the same for the other two as well, but it would be tedious to go through all that for each one). I ordered 500 of each plate, and have 499 of each available, so it's going to take a while before I run out. The offer, therefore, will be good until I do (I'll continue to link to it on the right side of the blog. That reminds me- there's a new interview with me over to the right as well). Ask for as many as you need (in the past, library discussion groups and school classes have asked for and received multiples).

There's no charge (well, CVS will charge me for the envelopes, assuming I remember to buy them while I'm there, but there's no charge to you). And if you've already emailed me to ask about the plates, email me again. Include your name and address, which plates you want and how many, and then I'll know what to send you and where they should go. Then I sign my name, in tasteful black ink, and mail them off.

Assuming I remember to buy the envelopes!


LuMa said...

I already sent an email requesting bookplates!!

I really love the LAWKI series and so I just wanted to thank you for doing this for you fans!! :)

holdenj said...

Sending an email! Thanks again for offering these, it really makes the book special.

Wendy said...

The bookplates have arrived! Thank you!!

sarah said...

I just wanted to let you know that I just finished reading This World We Live In and I loved it :D Thank you.

Paige Y. said...

Meteor is on the SyFy channel right now. I thought of you. I must admit I enjoyed it when I watched it (I love bad natural disaster movies) and I'm very grateful to its influence in your writing.

Unknown said...

Just sent my email. Almost as good as the TW drawing, but better because everyone wins!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello to Lupe and holdenj and Wendy and sarah and Paige Y. and Jon-

I think Jon put it best. The bookplates are a win/win situation. I win too, because it's great fun for me to see where the requests come from.

I've sent a lot out during the past week, but there are still plenty more waiting for good homes. So the offer is standing and will remain so until I run out!

Kats said...

My bookplate arrived in London on Saturday - thanks so much!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Kats-

It's been so much fun sending the bookplates out all over the world.

Thank you for letting me know they're safely making it across the ocean!

Ing said...

I know I'm not commenting in the right place, but I have to tell you this! I got an advanced copy of This World We Live In (I'm a children/teen librarian in a public library) and I LOVE IT so far and I am sure I will continue to love it! It is just so perfect and I have waited for so long! THANK YOU for writing and sharing your gift with words with the world!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thank you Ing.

There's never a wrong place to say you like my books!

Farah said...

hi, I just sent an email today and was wondering if you still had any left? If you do how long will it take for them to arrive?

P.S. I love the LAWKI series and would appreciate if I got a book plate!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Farah-

I got your email and your bookplates will be sent to you tomorrow!

Farah said...

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!