Monday, January 25, 2010

I Hope The Last Survivors Last A Long Long Time

One of the pleasures of being self-employed is you can look forward to Mondays.

I like Mondays because sometimes I get a check on Monday (and today I did, the advance money for the French rights to This World We Live In, ooh la la).

But I got something else in my mail today. My UK publishers sent me their special order form for The Last Survivors (aka Life As We Knew It, The Dead And The Gone and the aforementioned This World We Live In). This form is for bookstores to order what I hope will be many copies of the books.I love all the different approaches that are being used for the books, and I have a particular fondness for this version because if it hadn't been for a good old fashioned (well, good may be overstating it) disaster movie, Meteor, being on TV one day, I never would have written LAWKI in the first place. And when I wrote LAWKI, I thought of it as a family problem story with a disaster story setup. Or something like that. Mostly I thought of it as a lot of fun to write.

It's a little scary for me to think what the past five years of my life would have been like if I hadn't watched Meteor that afternoon and been inspired to write LAWKI. Maybe I would have written something completely different and maybe it would have done just as well. Or maybe I'd be sitting alone in my apartment, staring out at a January landscape, obsessing over figure skating and Adam Lambert.

Wait a second. That's exactly how I spent today. And I had a great time.

Of course it didn't hurt that there was a check in the mail. Ooh la ooh la la!


Fear Death By Water said...
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Fear Death By Water said...

I thought the french were more about the 'ho ho' and not 'Ooh la ooh la la'


Susan said...

I'm of the same mindset regarding Mondays, and I too got a check! Although not from a book, but for the online class I'm teaching. Not as exciting, but at least it is what it is.

Congrats on all your success, Susan!

-Another Susan

Nina said...

Mazel tov on the check! I always love to see and compare the editions of a title from around the world. Always interesting. And I am so glad that you did watch that meteor movie. I can hardly wait for the new one!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Happy Tuesday morning to Fear Death By Water and Susan and Nina-

In my life, I've known any number of Susans and a fair number of Ninas, but only one Fear Death By Water.

I did go to high school with someone named Fear Death By Flunking. Wait a second. That was me.

The reason I'm in such a good mood isn't because of the soon to be deposited check. It's because my friend Cynthia called me last night and said she wants to give me a birthday dinner. On my birthday. With my friends there eating dinner. And birthday cake.

Oddly enough, I accepted. Ho ho and ooh la la!

Anonymous said...

I want to read to french version I took french for years and I have the frist two books at lest five or more times.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Anonymous Crystal-

I want to read the French versions also, and I only had one year of high school French, so I won't understand a word of it!

Anonymous said...

I just reread my comment and there is a major typeo it havve it as for years and it should have said four years insteand.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Crystal-

You have no idea how many typos I make and how often I have to go back and fix things.

Welcome to the club!