Monday, March 29, 2010

PSA For Writers And Agents

I just mailed off my contracts for Blood Wounds and there's a clause in there that I requested that other writers and their representatives may not have thought of.

Life As We Knew It has been nominated for young reader awards in over thirty states. Each time I duly informed my editor and anyone else who might listen. And each time I was duly congratulated.

Writers (as writers and agents know) equate money with love and vice versa. So I decided Harcourt should prove its love for me by giving me a little bonus should Blood Wounds be nominated for twenty different young reader awards. I asked my agent, my agent asked Harcourt, and Harcourt said yes.

It could well be other writers and/or agents have thought of this splendid clause on their own, the way movies and airplanes were invented by different people simultaneously. But just in case I'm the first one to think of it, I claim naming rights.

Just as skating has terms like lutz and axel and chack, named for illustrious people (actually, I'm not sure who the lutz was named for, but it sounds a lot more illustrious than toe loop), so too the bonus for state young reader nominations should be named for me. Only, realist that I am, I know the Pfeffer Clause doesn't sound nearly as memorable as lutz or chack.

So I hearby name the state young reader nomination bonus clause the LAWKI Clause.

Long may it prosper, and us right along with it!


Lupe said...

"The LAWKI Clause"- Birlliant!
I am very sure that you will be nominated for all of those Young reader awards, and I really hope you win. I'll be cheering! :]

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Lupe and thank you for your vote of confidence.

Blood Wounds isn't going to be nominated for anything if I don't finish revising it.

Of course to finish revising it, I'll have to begin revising it!

Elaine Marie Alphin said...

I love the LAWKI clause!

And I have every confidence that you will keep worrying away at Blood Wounds until it snaps into shape. There's nothing like pre-revising in your mind before you actually begin revising the text.

Then you can begin pre-campaigning for state nominations.

Anonymous said...

How exactly do you pronounce 'LAWKI'? Is it 'law-key' or perhaps it should sound like the Norse god 'Loki'. (My preference is the latter, but I've been a Marvel Comics fan for years.)

By the way, hope your family had a nice Passover.

Glen anon

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Glen and a belated hi to Elaine Marie Alphin-

I say Law-Key, but I don't think there's an official pronunciation.

Although given the way I'm procrastinating today, perhaps instead of doing my revisions, I should spend hours trying all different LAWKI pronunciations.

I'd write a pronunciation guide, but that might feel like work.

Meanwhile, my word verification du jour is dingwgi, which definitely has an exotic religious sound to it.

Anonymous said...

Under the circumstances, I should think that "Santa Clause" would be appropriate.

Smart thinking.