Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In June We Croon A Tune About The Moon

Happy June!

I have very positive feelings about this June. I'll be getting what I'm already calling the What Could I Have Been Thinking gigantic TV tomorrow (the new entertainment center arrived today and already I'm finding it very entertaining). I have two and a quarter Adam Lambert concerts to go to, friends who'll be visiting, a family party to attend, and most likely, rewrites to do.

Okay. I may not have such positive feelings about rewrites.

Also, unless Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is lying or hallucinating, their exciting new promotions of Life As We Knew It, The Dead And The Gone, and This World We Live In, will start later this month. The odds are they're not lying, but I make no bets about the hallucinating.

Speaking of This World We Live In, I listened to the Listening Library Audiobook version, read by Emily Bauer, and she was even better this time than she was when she read Life As We Knew It. I actually cried at the end. Emily found the humor in the book's funny parts and the sadness in the rest of the book. I'm thrilled and very grateful.


Anonymous said...

Hope your liking your new entertainment center! And I hope your week is going to be great too!

I wish I could email you for one of the extra paperbacks/audiobooks! But I can't, or my parents won't be happy, so that's too bad.

Oh, and congrats on the new promotions!

Love ya!

Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

Sweet! Email sent! Enjoy your ginormous telly!

Anonymous said...

It's Sunshine :-). Expect to get an e-mail from me. That is just very very kind of you. I love your new format and I'm glad you are enjoying your entertainment center. Also those promotions! I can't wait! I am so excited!!! I hope it's not a halluciationn!

Nina said...

Love the new blog format. I hope the promotion is as good as it sounds! I also loved the audio version of This World. Wonderful! The freaky weather up here in Maine has provoked a lot of talk amongst fishermen and clamdiggers about weird tides and such. All that puts me in mind of are your books! Freaky!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Nina-

I'm playing catch up today, so I'm getting to your comment just a little later than I should.

Freaky weather always makes me think of my books, and the weather is always freaky, so I'm always thinking about them!

I spent many many hours yesterday trying to decide when to go to an outdoor concert (there were thunderstorms predicted for much of the afternoon).

I ended up bringing a poncho with me, but what I needed was sunscreen!