Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Return To The End Of The World (Disc Two)

Thank goodness I finished the rewrites yesterday. Because, almost on cue, this afternoon UPS, the darlings, delivered a brand new DVD set of the legendary Irwin Allen's Production of The Night The Bridge Fell Down! (! mine; Irwin Allen was much too tasteful for that kind of punctuation).

For those of who don't commit this blog to memory, and don't care to use the search box (which I used just now, helpful little thing it is), here's the first entry on the great Night The Bridge Fell Down Disc 2 Saga. You can read the comments and follow-up entries if you so choose, but if you don't care to, the short version is I was watching The Night etc! and disc 2 didn't work and Mr. Cavin left a comment suggesting watching Disc 2 on my computer, and I did, only I got to the part where Barbara Rush was having conniption fits trying to climb down the bridge to safety and the disc stopped right there, leaving me uncertain whether Barbara Rush and her three stalwart companions made it to safety.

Naturally I was distraught. Maybe not as distraught as Barbara Rush, but darn close. I called the WBShop, from whence The Night etc! had come, and wept copious tears while telling them all this (except the part about the blog and Mr. Cavin, holding that in reserve in case I needed to shame them into doing the honorable thing),and they very nicely said send the darn thing back and we'll get you a new one. I took them at their word and a mere month later there it was.

DVDs from the WBShop don't have chapters (many of my books wouldn't either, except my publisher makes me put them in), but you can skip around at ten minute intervals. I had no way of knowing how many minutes I needed to skip, but as soon as I saw a shot of Barbara Rush weeping and whining, I restarted the DVD. Maybe I missed a minute, maybe I saw the same minute twice. Who knows. All I know is I made it through to the end and, with the possible exception of the Desi Arnez Jr. character, who I still don't remember seeing dying, I know who lived and who died, and I am greatly relieved.

So was Barbara Rush, who wept and whined for quite a while climbing down that bridge, and her false eyelashes stayed on the entire time.

Now that's what I call drama!


Friendly Neighbourhood Bookseller said...

I'm glad you found that out. That would annoy me...

Incidentally, when I type 'Susan Pf' into Google it now brings up someone called Susan Pfeiffer instead of you. I'll have to Google you a bunch more times and move you up the listings.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hallo FNB (for short)-

I gave Google a try, and at susanpf, I got various people who seem to be named susanpf.

But when I made it susanpfe, sure enough it came up Susan Pfeiffer.

Most likely she has a far more interesting life than mine, and deserves her place on Google!

Anonymous said...

About the movie: (insert Paul Harvey)
"And now you know..... the rest of the story."

Have a great weekend, favored author.


Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Likewise WandaV and thank you!