Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Mother And The Temperature Are Both 98

A long time ago, I accused my then agent of wanting me to work hard (something I've always been opposed to).

"I want you to work hard and to play hard," she replied.

The past few days would have satisfied her. I have worked hard (at least by my low standards). I was invited to submit a short story for possible inclusion in an anthology, and I spent most of Sunday and a certain amount of Monday writing and rewriting it. Since the deadline is in April, it's going to be a long time before I know if the story will be accepted, but at least my part of the job is done (or will be when I actually send it off).

As far as the playing hard goes, on Thursday I went to a New York Yankee game with Todd Strasser (the Yankees played harder than I did, and won 4-2). Saturday night I went with several friends to a concert of the New York Philharmonic at Bethel Woods (the concert was great; the fireworks that followed were equally great). Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend, who had the day off for the 4th of July extended weekend. When you throw in a family party a week ago Sunday and completing the rewrites on Blood Wounds by Tuesday (or was it Wednesday), it's been a very busy stretch for me.

Marci and I had planned on going to the movie theater in Yonkers today (with a stop at the Hideous Mall In Nyack for lunch) to see the Life As We Knew It book trailer. The Yonkers theater is the one closest to us, and we were going to overlook the fact that none of its six theaters were showing any movie we had any desire to see. But in the midst of all my social and professional obligations, I've been a little bit worried about my mother, and while I think she's okay, I don't want to be out of reach today, just in case.

If I'm desperate with desire to see the book trailer, I'll go to Yonkers by myself tomorrow (Wednesday is Marci's day to do volunteer work for the Friends Of Middletown Thrall Library, which is how we met and became friends in the first place). Thursday, assuming my mother is up to it, she and I are getting our hairs cut. She'd better be up to it, because my hair really needs cutting (my hair, like my body, doesn't get longer, just wider). By Friday, the book trailer will be gone, at least from movie theaters.

My life would be much easier if the temperature and my mother were both 85, and Yonkers were 20 miles closer!


Mr. Cavin said...

The local mall at Gallery Place (right across from the US Portrait Gallery) has a movie theater on the top floor. According to the list you've linked, they are playing your book preview. Customers purchase tickets on the ground floor, then take the sequence of central escalators all the way up to the top of the building to see their feature presentation. After, they ride the opposite elevators back down.

The rub is that the only way to get to those down escalators is through a part of the third-floor lobby only accessible to ticket holders. So the other day, my other half (who is also named Sunshine!) rode all the way up there to ask a question, and was subsequently forced to wait with a strange and overly friendly gentleman for the handicap elevator to take them back down again. All because one theater employee would not let her walk ten feet across the lobby.

Sorry I am not going to get to see your book trailer. I really wanted to.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Mr. Cavin-

Rules can be a real nuisance sometimes. That's why I'm part anarchist.

I'm not going to be seeing the book trailer in a movie theater either, if that's any comfort. My brother is coming up today and I have other plans for tomorrow (if my hair grows one inch wider, I'll be tilted over).

Oh well. If you, or anyone here, can instruct me in simple easy to understand language, how I can burn a dvd of the book trailer, I'd be very grateful!

ETA: My word verification is "consent." For some reason, I find that very soothing.