Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I Remember That I Forgot

After having spent days and weeks (and possibly months and years), whining in preparation for the Blood Wounds Copy Editing Massacre, I sure didn't to into much detail about it in my blog entry yesterday.

Well, it wasn't that bad. If it had been, you certainly would have heard about it.

My editor very shrewdly included paragraphs from a cover letter the copy editor had sent her, and while there were certain moderately large changes the copy editor suggested, she also said (at least according to my editor) that she very much liked the book. Indeed, she used the phrase "Great book!"

That put me in a much more welcoming frame of mind, and I didn't object to a single one of her comma/no comma changes. Actually, I ignored them, having finally realized that no book in the history of literature has ever succeeded or failed based on its use of commas.

And I was so enchanted by this stunningly intelligent copy editor, that I even made a couple of the big changes she suggested. Throw a little praise my way, and I can be had.

The other thing I truly truly should have remembered yesterday (the mule would have remembered, I'm sure), is to wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy new year. It doesn't matter what your religion is or even if you have one. Every day is the first day of a new year, and while it's not likely each new year will be better than the last, it's certainly something to wish for!


Mr. Cavin said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Susan Beth Pfeffer!

Nina said...

I hope your New Year is shaping up well so far. I am extremely pleased that my oldest son is visiting with us for this holiday week, so it feels like a great start to me!

And, having a donkey, I can attest to how hard they kick :*)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Happy New Year Mr. Cavin, Nina, and any and all donkeys in the vicinity!