Monday, June 6, 2011

Hope Is A Thing Without Calories

I just spent a wonderful, albeit fattening, weekend with three close friends, a mini-vacation in Amherst, MA. We stayed at the Black Walnut Inn (which was really nice and very comfortable and served delicious breakfasts), and we saw sights, the first, and best of which was Emily Dickinson's house (and her brother's conveniently located right next door house too). I have had some wonderful docents in my day (since I like going to historical houses, and that's where docents tend to be found), but the one we had was perhaps the best docent ever. He was articulate and knowledgeable and happy to answer questions and he even answered more of our questions in the gift shop (of course it could be he was dazzled by our charm and beauty, as we were with his).

For someone who wore white all the time and did a lot of baking, Emily Dickinson lived in a hotbed of sexual activity. Granted, it wasn't her hotbed, but it sure made learning about her a lot more interesting.

We also went to the Smith College horticultural gardens, where I practiced my flower photography skills.

I really like this picture I took of peonies, which has a real "A peony is a peony is a peony" quality to it.

The most expensive thing I bought was a pair of socks (the pair I had on kept slipping), but we did some window shopping, although when it came to ice cream and candy we smashed the metaphorical window and actually shopped.

It was great to spend time with friends and get away from home and reality for a couple of days, even though it meant I couldn't see Rafael Nadal and his rippling muscles win the French Open. And Scooter has been even more of a lunatic than usual since I got back. And the scale broke when I stood on it this morning.

I noticed when I logged on to Blogspot that this is the 499th entry I've written on this blog. I think I'll wait for something to announce for #500. My agent is reading The Offering and my publisher has been reminded a few times that they really should make up their mind about The Shade Of The Moon, and you never know what might happen that's worthy of a blog entry.

So in the meantime, thank you again for answering my birth order poll and for all your comments about birth orders, and for committing to memory all previous 499 blog entries, starting, of course, with the first!



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Anonymous said...

You went to Miss Emily's and didn't post pictures!!?? I AM SO JEALOUS! Took a class on her twice at the now defunct Barnes & Noble University site and loved it each time. You are sooo lucky!

Anonymous Santa Fe

Fear Death By Water said...

I hope if we ever go to out of the way places separately but at the same time, I'll be able to walk up you and say 'Hello Susan'. I've seen other famous (to me anyhow) people and have only told my wife later. "You know who that was? They were...."

Perhaps one day huh? I'll even get you a coffee.

Shade of the Moon... Wooooo! Have you been thinking of the book plates yet? I know I have.

Luker said...

OK this is a little random considering that it has nothing to do with your post (and Im sorry about that) I just want to make sure you know that Im still here as a fan, I just havent comment...ed...

I really doubt you remember me cause my last post was several months ago, I just want to make sure you know you didnt lose a fan, I just got very busy. You are one of the writers that led me to writing myself. I am 16 and I have a book not-so-published-but-still-kinda-published already....which I am happy about cus its a start! I just want to formerly thank you and to tell you that I probably wont be on to read your comment back (If you do comment back) because I rarely go on blogger these days.

Nina said...

What a lovely mini vacation! I stayed at the Black Walnut a few years back, in their first floor room. Went to a conference at the Eric Carle museum. Lovely! Will be hoping you get an answer about the Shade of the Moon soon!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Good Tuesday morning Your Youngest Biggest Fan! and Anonymous Santa Fe and Fear Death By Water and Luker and Nina-

Before I go any further, my word verification is "punfami" and given how much my family loves to make puns (my grandfather's dying words were a pun, which my father took great pride in), I think it's a very fine word verification indeed.

It simply didn't occur to me to take pictures at Emily Dickinson's house. We were probably told not to (I remember the turn off cell phones instructions), although I certainly could have taken pictures outside.

I did take a couple of pictures of the bedroom I shared at the Black Walnut Inn, which I'll send to my cousin Fran when I remember to (she was interested in what bed and breakfasts looked like).

And I think it would be great to run into some of you as I meander around in my life. I'm still giggling at the imagine of some stranger coming up to me, saying my name and introducing himself as "Fear Death By Water."

You all have such an advantage over me!

Project Journal said...

Hello Susan,
My name is Hannah and I am a new follower as of last night. I just picked up Life As We Knew It and am busy reading it as we speak lol! Very good so far, I can't wait to see what happens!

Smith College!! My great grandmother went there over 100 years ago and I applied there last year! It's about two hours from where I live in Vermont : ) Instead I am going to Colby-Sawyer College however lol, but it made me laugh to see that you were there! That is so close to me! Their gardens are beautiful, aren't they? So glad to hear you had a nice time.

Anyway, I love your blog, from what I've seen so far. Can't wait to talk to you further and maybe discuss a book interview to post on my blog if you were interested and have the time? : )
Talk to you soon!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Hannah (aka Project Journal)-

The gardens at Smith were beautiful. My friends and I enjoyed walking around a lot.

Then we enjoyed getting ice cream even more!

Amy S. said...

My heart is in Western Mass! I grew up there (now in D.C.) Heading there next week for my best friend's daughter's graduation. Looking forward to whatever excitement post #500 will bring!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello Amy-

Graduations are such a big deal nowadays. I have no idea if my brother attended my high school graduation (I know I attended his, because he was salutatorian, which was definitely a big deal), and while my parents went to his college graduation, I didn't. I didn't bother going to my college graduation (actually, since I graduated midyear, I don't know if I had an official graduation). And the likelihood of my parents going to their friend's daughter's graduation was essentially non-existent.

On the other hand, I'm going to be a commencement speaker at a high school graduation at the end of this month, and I regard that as a very very big deal!