Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Bulle And I Are Home

Generally, I'm one of those people who has no interest in looking at anyone else's travel pictures. As a result, I try not to show my pictures to too many people. But that's not going to stop me now! Here are some pictures, and a couple of teeny tiny videos, from my recent trip to Buxtehude, Germany.

Pretty much as soon as I got off the airplane, I was taken to the unveiling of the Buxtehude Bulle Award Plaque for Life As We Knew It. That's the mayor helping me out.

Then it was off to my hotel room, which had a spectacular view.

I was kept very busy during my time in Buxtehude and Hamburg, but I did watch a little bit of TV. Thanks to the various time zone differences, I got to watch some figure skating live from Japan. The only thing I didn't like about the hotel was the bathtub, which I called The Bathtub Of Death. Every time I climbed out of it (don't panic- no one took any pictures), I knew I was risking my life.

(You know, if people showed me travel photographs of their bathtubs, I'd be delighted to look at them).

In Hamburg, I was taken to meet my publisher. It was there I finally came to understand that German and English are two different languages.

Here are two tiny videos of me receiving the Buxtehude Bulle from the Deputy Mayor. You might want to lie on your side for the second one.

For those of you who prefer a photograph of the event, here it is:

If you're looking for an article in German about the event, here's one that showed up on Twitter.

The Bulle was given its own very pink suitcase to go to America in.

I think it preferred the view from my dining room table.

Of course Scooter was happy to see me when I came home. And he always likes making new friends.

I feel as though I made many new friends both in Buxtehude and in Hamburg. The trip was a once in a lifetime experience, and a memory I'll cherish forever.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great time!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win! Glad to see you had a good time. AND apparently getting through US airport inspection in one piece (I sincerely HOPE you did!).

Anonymous Santa Fe

Johanna said...

Or, as we say in Germany: Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch!
I really like your books and I am looking forward to the next book about the moon. I read your books in the original English Version, because I couldn't stand to wait for the German translation.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thank you Anonymous and Anonymous Santa Fe and Johanna-

The trip was so wonderful. So is being home (especially now that Scooter has calmed down).

With Thanksgiving coming, I'm more and more aware of everything I have to be thankful for.

Lisa-Marie Jordan said...

I love looking at travel photos, especially of places I've never been and will probably never go! I usually take pictures of my hotel room - including the bathroom! - too. Your statue is awesome! I hope you have someplace big enough to display it! Cheers!

Marci said...

The Bulle is very impressive and goes well with Scooter. The view from your room was quite spectacular! I am so glad that the trip was a success and that the Germans recognize your talent and ground breaking achievement in LAWKI! They were also the first people to give me credit for your publicity photo. I regard them very highly, but not as highly as I regard you!

Ale said...

Congradulations, you won the Bulle!!! I knew you would, no dout about it.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello and thank you Lisa-Marie Jordan, Marci (oh most noble of photographers) and Ale-

The bulle still doesn't have a proper resting spot. He was too heavy for me to get to the top of the bookcase, so he's currently on a bottom shelf, where he doesn't show up very well. I need someone young and strong to visit.

I did buy a scrapbook today to put all the newspaper articles and pictures and certificates, so I'll always have them in one easy to locate place. That'll be a fun job for this weekend!

Andr├ęG said...

Man, I just finished reading "this world we live in" and found out that you've recently visited my city.
Really strange coincidence.

Still, I love your storys and I'm really looking forward to the short story edition in Fall 2012. :-)