Friday, January 13, 2012

Now Is The Winter Of Our Content

This has been the easiest, and therefore most pleasant, winter I can remember.

Of course much of that is weather based. We've had a grand total of one snowstorm, and that was in October. Now I like snow (a lot actually, since it always reminds me of snowdays and I loved snowdays), but it's a real pleasure not to have to crawl over mounds of dirty frozen deadsnow, to get to my dirty frozen deadsnow car.

My parking lot is black ice capital, but not this winter. No snow and also no sleet, and above freezing temperatures practically every day. I've worn my winter coat and gloves four times (I'm giving the winter jacket I bought for Buxtehude a lot of wear), and I've scraped ice off my windshield maybe twice.

Now I know this easy weather isn't going to last, but neither will winter. Last winter, which was a long nasty one, started freezing over in December and didn't melt until March. So even if the snows start falling (and nothing serious is expected in the ten day forecast), the messy part will be over in six weeks or less.

I love this winter. I really do.

Everything else is going smooth and easy as well. I'm reteaching myself the joys of living on a budget, with the help of websites like Hot Flash Financial. I'm reading a lot (I started The Secret Life Of Houdini yesterday, and as part of my joys of budget, took it out of the library). I'm plowing my way through my backlog of DVDs (last night, Philadelphia, tonight The History Boys),weaning myself off my beloved sleeping pills, and I've even lost a couple of pounds. Friday evenings I write down five things I'm grateful for, and so far it hasn't been a struggle to find things to write down.

Oh, and thanks to owning a new computer, I've won 100% of my FreeCell games. How's that for an ego boost.

When I wrote Kid Power, my extremely good editor, Jeanne Vestal, taught me several things, one of which is characters can't have things completely easy. They have to have problems to solve, woes to feel. So I don't want you to think everything in my life is jim dandy. I have serious vacuum cleaner and toilet issues. One won't start and the other won't stop.

But I'll take that over sleet and freezing rain any day!


Linda Jacobs said...

Congrats on losing a few pounds! I hate budgets! They are necessary, I know, but, yuck!

Anonymous said...

Having returned from an Art of the Book exhibit, and finding a fine website,, where one can find brief histories of various art illustrators, along with examples of the books they worked on, I plan a loooong dismissal of any house duties to comb through my books on a bit of an artist hunt.

Do you have a favorite illustrators and book cover designers? I love them all - couldn't name just one.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hello to Linda Jacobs and to Anonymous.

I don't mind budgets, since I never manage to keep one. I do like losing weight though (weight being something I don't mind losing).

I really don't know much about book illustrators or cover designers, so I don't have any favorites. What I do know is illustrating books is hard work, and I admire people who do it.

There's so much in this world I know nothing about. But I'm 4/5th the way through the biography of Houdini I'm reading, so right now I know a lot about him!

Anonymous said...

I wish you would post something about Leo Pfeffer's involvement with the Civil Rights movement.

So many who were involved, and who practiced what was preached, working in various programs that helped to advance so many are completely unknown to the general public.

Sure...this blog may not be the place for it, but I can find nothing about anyone other than Dr. King. It's almost as though all these people were not real...that the successful programs were not real.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Anonymous-

Someday I will write a blog entry about my father. I'll have to be in just the right mood though. I googled him a minute or so ago, and the second thing listed was his Times obituary, which made me feel sad all over again.

There were many remarkable people working for civil rights in the United States in the 1950s-70s, and my father was honored to be one of them.

Bridget Higdon said...


Just wanted to share with you my newly created book blog. You can visit it at:

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi tigerlily*-

Your new blog looks great. Thank you for sharing!