Friday, February 24, 2012

Waiting For The Waiting To End

Right now I'm waiting for the clothes drier to stop, but that's just a drop in the waiting bucket.

In a bit, I'll be waiting for Marci to pick me up, so we can have lunch with Carol (a variation of the birthday lunch I didn't get to have on my birthday).

I'll be waiting for Marci because I'm waiting for my car to finish up at the body shop, where, they assure me, I'll be able to get it at 4 PM. So that's five and a half more hours of waiting.

For some unknown reason, it snowed last night, so I'm waiting for the snow to melt, and for spring to show up. In spite of this being the sweetest little winter I can remember, I'm still eager for spring.

Since I'm midway through Young Queen Victoria, I'm waiting for Young Queen Victoria (who is currently Young Princess Victoria) to become Queen Victoria. Young Queen Victoria's kind of nasty mother is waiting even more impatiently than I, but that Nice King William The Something Or Other, doesn't seem to be in any hurry to die and turn the crown over.

Then I'm waiting to hear from the company that will miraculously turn my previously published books into e-books. I'm very eager for the process to be completed, so I can tell you which books they are and what made me write them. My guess is I'll hear sometime next week, and trust me, when I hear, you'll hear.

And finally, I'm waiting to hear from my agent about my ghost story manuscript, Dummy. My agent is an extremely busy woman, and she never gets back to me fast about manuscripts, but that doesn't stop me from waiting. In fact, it positively encourages it.

It occurs to me that Nice Prince William is going to face the same logjam as Young Princess/Queen Victoria, only with an extra generation to get through. And his dad, Poor Prince Charles could collect Social Security before he ever gets a job. Now that's something I'm glad I don't have to wait for!


lizzieTC said...

Happy belated birthday! For the first time in years, we've had a mild winter. Being a pessimist, I can only focus on the harsh summer to come! I'd rather stay bundled up for warmth than sweating!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi lizzieTC-

Even I, a total and complete optimist, am a little conerned that after three months of March, we'll have three more months of March.

What's lovely in January will be a lot less lovely in May!

I agree with you about bundling vs. sweating. I definitely prefer cozy cold to oppressive hot.