Monday, April 23, 2012

Coming in February 2013, The Taschenbuch of Die Welt Wie Wir Sie Kannten!

I was killing time waiting for The Voice to go on, so I went over to Amazon to see how my titles were doing.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that Die Welt Etc. (aka Life As We Knew It, which I find considerably easier to type) is scheduled to be a Taschenbuch this February.

Not knowing what a Taschenbuch was, I made my merry way over to Google Translates Everything For You Just Because We Love You, and typed in Taschenbuch. Imagine my surprise when I found out a Taschenbuch is a klasika!

It turns out I'd left the translate to to Lithuanian.

No fool I, I changed the translate to to English (my kind of language) and discovered that a Taschenbuch is a paperback (I keep typing Taschenbuch as Taschenbuck, obviously reflecting my hope the paperback will bring me a few bucks). My guess is a klasika is a paperback in Lithuanian, but The Voice is about go to start, so I'll look into that possibility some other time.

Meanwhile, I have a whole new reason to look forward to February. Happy Taschebuch Day everyone (and a Merry Klasika too)!


Marci said...

That's cool! You're a hit in Germany. I never knew what Taschenbuch was either, though I've seen the word many times. And Feltschrift, which I think is a Birthday edition or something like that. The Germans are very formal and organized.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hallo Marci-

I don't know about Feltschrifts, but I do know all about Festschrifts. Baylor University put out one in honor of my father. My family (including my Aunt Ettie and Cousin Fran) went to Baylor for the celebration party.

It's a very sweet and happy memory (and a very heavy book!).

Johanna said...

Taschenbuch refers to a book which you can carry arount in your pocket (pocket = Tasche, book = buch).
A "gebundenes Buch" means the hardcover edition. In Germany, the hardcover costs almost twice than the paperback, but you have to be patient... The release of the paperback is usually two years after the release of the hardcover.

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Thank you Johanna-

I just went over to Amazon, and found the German hardcover vesion of LAWKI came out in Feb. 2010, so it will be 3 years before it comes out in paperback.

No wonder I was so impatient!

Johanna said...

That's because you are published by Carlsen in Germany. They are extremly slow :)
But it's the same publisher as Harry Potter (and Twilight) in Germany! They have a good nose for good books!
(Sorry, I don't know if you call it a "good nose", it's a direct translation and I'm lacking the right expression.)