Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just A Quick Note To Say There Won't Be A Cholera Epidemic

And will all those anonymous characters who were going to die in a particularly unpleasant way thank me? I think not.

I was set to write the big cholera epidemic scene today, having done just enough research that I could fake it. But I woke up this morning at 6:30* and I thought about the cholera epidemic and how complicated it was going to be, not so much because of all the dead bodies (I'm used to those) but because of how the disease might spread into places I didn't want it spread into, so I decided against it.**

Scooter didn't even wake me up. I did it all on my own, sad to say.

Instead of the cholera epidemic, I killed off a main character (just like I promised) in an unusually (even by my standards) grisly and unpleasant way. All of which I thought of at 6:30, give or take.

I have things I have to do tomorrow, but absolutely nothing planned for Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm hoping to finish the first draft before I go to Washington DC on Friday (please don't break into my apartment while I'm gone, and if you do, please don't take Scooter, not that he'd let you, and I have to take him to the vet for his annual checkup and I can't tell you how little I'm looking forward to that). Then I'm going to spring clean my apartment, which trust me it needs, and then do the rewrites, which trust me, it needs. With or without a cholera epidemic!

*Actually not 6:30, even though that's what the clock said. I have one of those atomic perfect time clocks, except this one runs slow. It was probably 6:38, and I suppose I could have said "around 6:30" but I didn't think of it in time, and besides having one of those atomic perfect time clocks that doesn't keep anything close to perfect time is something to complain about. And if you didn't want to hear me complain, you didn't have to read this footnote.

**It doesn't count as a spoiler when you say something isn't going to happen. So don't even think about complaining. I do all the complaining around here, thank you very much.


Susan said...

Hmmmm ... getting to read more about Miranda and co. might just be worth a little B&E. Don't worry, I'm not much of a cat person ...

Kidding, of course (except about the cats), but I am glad to hear that you're working so diligently on this new book. I love the Moon books and can't wait for MORE :)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Susan-

You're more than welcome to break and enter, just as long as you do the spring cleaning and rewrites while you're here.

Out of deference to your lack of catitude, I'll spare you taking Scooter to the vet!

Shadow said...

Love your books Susan, but I have to admit, I didn't think a story about a meteor hitting the moon was going to be so entertaining!

See I am one of those weirdos that just love to read apocalyptic stories, anything that involves nearly wiping out the human race is really fun to me. (My family thinks Im a little off, lol)

I am so happy that there's going to be another book on this series, but I would like to know how it's going to be written. In first person present view where Miranda is telling everything through her eyes, or first person diary view where she is still writing in a dictionary.

:) Can't wait to read the new book!!!

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi Shadow and thanks for your comment-

If you scroll down a bit further, you'll see the first 2 pages of this version of the book, and you'll find it's from Jon's point of view.

I hope that helps!

Shadow said...



Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Hi again Shadow-

You have nothing to be sorry about.

This is just one of those days where nothing is going right and my crank mood is soaring!

Shadow said...

Hehe, the 'sorry' was for saying dictionary instead of diary. :P

Also ever think about writing Zombie Fiction, I would love to see what you'd have in store :)

Maddie said...

You didn't kill Alex, right???
Please say you didn't kill Alex. Or Miranda. Because I can't wait to see where their relationship goes. But if you did It's OK, authors "artistic choice" and all that. I can understand because I'm a dancer. (About the artistic choice thing)I love, love, love your books! (And your blog)

Susan Beth Pfeffer said...

Belated hellos to Shadow and Maddie-

As of the moment, both Alex and Miranda are alive and well.

Of course I am thinking about adding some more pages to the book...